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This liquid filling machine design features to win the market advantage

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-02-04
Liquid filling pause time pressure control method, the use of microcomputer ( PLC) Active control, the machine all information and data storage of computer touch screen, operation is convenient, the function is reliable, and simple structure, less wearing parts, habit ability is strong, various shaped bottle can packaging, replace the filling bottles of standard, does not need to replace any parts. Liquid filling machine equipments concise flow, the operation personnel operations do not touch any parts, machine has stepless speed regulation, no bottle no filling, high output characteristics. In pesticide filling career, we in the domestic first developed a liquid filling machine, and obtained the province measuring hall measurement certificate. Up to now, has developed into the food and oil filling, rely on high-tech, the product has obtained the good economic efficiency, widely praised by users and active. Liquid filling machine design is a set of strict process, when into the bottle, the bottle, when filling head up and down, when filling, the filling capacity is much, bottle feeding speed of conveyor belt, the conveyor belt speed at the time of the bottle, to speed up the time, deceleration time, and so on, all have strict requirements. Moment and liquid level control system not only has high precision, and speed, in and out of the cylinder, lift, etc. In addition, according to process requirements, in addition to complete the whole active outside, also can finish the manual operation. In order to satisfied the above requirement, if choose practice instrument and relay control, then system not mixed and disorderly, tedious, and firm and also reduce accordingly. Choose the combination of PLC and touch screen, not only can effectively solve the above problems, and on the touch screen can reflect and adjust the technical parameters, process parameters, output value, for example to show the filling speed, can adjust the time between each step in the process, the system of sex and maneuverability, visibility has made great progress. Liquid filler system of active control process was conducted according to the requirement of the process of programming. This system choose stepper control method in the design, which is in a process to perform after the completion of another process. Active process, of course, must have necessary conditions, such as: level cannot be lower than the lower limit of rules; The performance of the components of active close switch is necessary; At the start of the process of active material level meets the requirements, etc. Liquid filling machine, air pressure is low or undetectable level is less than 16 feeding bottle, show that system can not normal operation, output alarm signals and then touch screen type, operation personnel according to the fault processing of signal types, prevent unnecessary economic loss, the yield function. Liquid filling filling machine according to the method of measuring method is different, there are four basic methods: volume pump, peristaltic pump and metal ceramic piston metering pump pressure method and moment. The first two measurement methods have been many domestic manufacturers are widely used, the latter two use less. Filling volume measuring cup type metering method to replace standard time is long, difficult to clean, use is not very convenient. Peristaltic pump production precision is low, easy to deformation wear, its packing is difficult to ensure accuracy and stability, is not suitable for mass production. Metal/ceramic piston metering pump, selects the stainless steel/ceramic materials, the measurement is not too convenient adjustment and unpick and wash. Time filling pressure method is more advanced metering method, is in a constant pressure liquid storage tank, and measurement is after a moment of liquid by repackaging units to the flow of time to determine. Measuring accuracy programmable control implement active control, to ensure that no dead Angle when liquid flows through the channel and the body, no residue, no solid wear, cleaning disinfection do not open any parts, cleaning is online. Time pressure method is a kind of measuring method, zui good abroad are active development the filling machine. The liquid filling machine speed adjustment is done with inverter stepless speed regulation. Because of the system when the bottle filling speed and the speed of the bottle is different, so to the output frequency of frequency converter according to the need to regulate. Assume system in manual state, then can manual control. If the system is in active status, so it is necessary to take the initiative to complete the various stages of speed regulating. Speed control of this system is done through the combination of PLC and frequency converter. Liquid filling machine based on PLC of different requirements, in order to switch the input control end of the frequency converter, and complete section speed control, to reach the purpose of speed control. www。 whxwzb。 com
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