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Methods and precautions for glass-lined reactors


The glass-lined reaction tank has accumulated a lot of dust and other debris during storage, so each pipeline needs to be cleaned before using the reaction tank. Cleaning is generally carried out by means of purging. So let's learn about the method of purging glass-lined reactors.

Firstly. Purging and cleaning standards

1. Cleaning standard: use a beaker to hold the inlet and outlet water for comparison, and the water color and transparency of the outlet port are consistent with the visual inspection of the inlet water.

2. Air purging standard: use intermittent purging. During the air purging process, when there is no smoke and dust in the exhaust, set a wooden target plate with white cloth or white paint at the exhaust port for inspection. The target plate is free of rust, dust, moisture and other debris within 5 minutes. is qualified.

3. Steam purging: There is no rust and dirt on the target plate, which should be qualified.

The cleaning methods and standards of glass lined reactors are described in detail in the article. Before using the reaction tank, the user must clean the equipment according to the above method, and then the feeding operation can be carried out, so that other sundries will not be mixed in the feeding, and the production quality will not be affected.

Secondly. Purge and cleaning methods

After opening the blind plate at the tail of each main pipe of the glass-lined reaction tank, carry out purging. The steam header is purged with 0.3MPa steam; the nitrogen header is purged with 0.3MPa nitrogen for 10-15 minutes; the compressed air header is purged with 0.3MPa compressed air for 10-15 minutes; the cooling water header and the freezing header are cleaned with cooling water respectively . After the main pipe is cleaned, the jackets of each reactor are cleaned one by one. The branch pipes entering and exiting the jacket should be cleaned separately. Open the valves of the valve group in and out of the jacket, disconnect the inlet and outlet flanges from the glass lined pressure tank, and enter the corresponding medium from each main pipe (cooling water inlet main pipe, frozen water inlet main pipe, hot water main pipe inlet water) Cleaning, steam from the main steam pipe) enters the branch pipe, and the water is discharged to the drain. The cooling water return branch pipe and the frozen return water branch pipe all adopt the above scheme.

Specifications for Enamel Reactors

Due to the increase in the application of production technology and the promotion of enamel reactors, the varieties are becoming more and more abundant, and now the customized service is basically realized. So what are the precautions for the specification of the reactor?

1. Should the model and specification of the reactor be specified when purchasing?

2. The specifications of the enamel reactor and the model of the glass lined stainless steel reactor should be paid attention to in the purchase process, because it is an important aspect, which will affect the correct choice of the reactor, so it must be clear, so the answer to this question is yes.

3. Are there any important technical parameters on the enamel reactor? Also, what is the diameter of the 3000L glass lined reactor? The glasslined reactor has some important technical parameters and some important parameters, such as the specifications of the glass lined reactor. Therefore, the answer to question one is yes. The 3000L glass-lined reactor usually has a diameter of 1 or 6m, but it depends on the actual situation. There are 4, 10L, 20L, 30L, but no 10L, 20L, 30L, because the lower limit of the current glass-lined reactor specification is 50L, so this conclusion can be drawn. Furthermore, referring to GB25025, there are no three specifications.

5. The size of the enamel reactor is 3000L, so what is its overall height?

If the size of the reactor is 3000L, its overall height is generally about 2.85 meters. But for different glass lined reactor manufacturer, their specific values may be different, but the difference is not big. So, I hope everyone can have a clear understanding of this point.

The above are the specifications and precautions for the enamel reaction kettle introduced to you. I hope it can help you. If you need more relevant knowledge, please contact us, click here and we will answer them one by one.

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