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Something you need to know before buying glass-lined

Something you need to know before buying glass-lined


Glass lined stainless steel reactor, with excellent corrosion resistance, but not applicable to the following media or materials:

1. Hydrofluoric acid of any concentration and temperature and medium or material containing fluorine ions;

2. The concentration is greater than 30%, the temperature is higher than 180 Shan phosphoric acid medium or material;

3. Alkaline medium or material with ph value greater than 12 and temperature higher than 80 Shan;

4. The reaction process of acid and alkali materials alternately.

of which the first of any concentration and temperature of hydrofluoric acid and fluorine-containing media or materials is the most resistant to the use of glass equipment, but also the most afraid of using, if the use of this material, a few days will be glazed glazing layer of the glaze, that is to lose the luster, it will greatly reduce the enamel surface corrosion resistance, the use of the time greatly reduced, will be the entire glass-lined corrosion so that the carbon steel body quickly eroded, the entire glass-lined equipment scrapped.

Buy mixer should pay attention to the following points:

(1) The size of the agitator should conform to the requirements of the current standard: the glass-lined surface bright, porcelain surface formation, less concave-convex and blank flattening, such as forming traces, the weld part has no obvious bump.

(2) We should purchase products manufactured by enterprises with production license.

(3) for the sealing reliability of the higher requirements of equipment, preferably by the mechanical seal supplier to buy blender, by him to ensure the reliable mechanical seal.

Precautions For Handling Glass-lined Equipment

Keep the original packaging as far as possible while handling glass line equipment, such as glass lined reactor enamel reaction kettle, when handling no packaging equipment, the first to check the equipment on the hanging ears, cans are damaged or corroded, attention can only make glass-lined equipment on the rings, cans ears and feet under force, but also to do light fall, avoid collision and vibration.

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