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Introduction of pharmaceutical mixing tank

Introduction of pharmaceutical mixing tank


Preparation lines for formulating pharmaceuticals include fixed pharmaceutical mixing tank and mobile tanks for liquid solutions. These vessels must withstand high internal pressures while enabling fast production. Their design must meet aseptic standards for manufacture of pharmaceuticals, and comply with good manufacturing practice.

Application of pharmaceutical mixing tank:

In state-of-the-art pharmaceutical applications, portable mixing tanks are a routine part of drug production and handle all relevant processing steps—from mixing to heating and cooling of the products. Due to their integrated agitator, these mixing tanks also serve as preparation containers, material buffers, or as stores for dosed products.

Great for making


Cosmetic creams


Pharmaceutical syrup


Preparation Tanks for Pharmaceutical Formulation

Formulation tanks are an indispensable part of all pharmaceutical preparation processes. Fixed or mobile tanks are suitable for low, medium, or high density liquid solutions. This includes parental solutions and also ointments and creams.

Every stainless steel tanks for pharmaceutical industry has at least one mixer / agitator, a spray ball for cleaning-in-place, and an optional load cell for maintaining safety, precision and performance. Various levels of automation are available for controlling raw material input. External heating jackets are provided where required.Tanks capacities range from 50 to 25,000 litres. Staircases and safety platforms provide access to large installations for inspections.

Benefits of pharmaceutical mixing tank:

A choice of tank sizes from 50 to 25,000 litres

Full compliance with standards and regulations

Automated control over raw material input available

Customisable product meets your requirements

Thorough agitation and mixing options

Since no conventional wiring is necessary to communicate the process data to the control system, mobile mixing tanks save money. Additionally, no batteries are needed which frees users from monitoring battery status and prevents costly downtimes. The stainless steel tanks are ready to be moved quickly when a process changes, or they are needed at a different location. At the same time, the existing power supply of the agitator is used to optimum effect. 

Mixing tanks produced by Jinzong Machinery are all manufactured to order. They are manufactured to specific customer requirements and CAD drawings are used to ensure all specifications are met. Our engineers are very experienced in producing high quality mixing tanks made to the standards required by the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

No matter what your specifications are for custom built stainless steel pharmaceutical storage vessel, we can deliver.

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