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Creams are among the more viscous substances that our liquid filling machinery is capable of handling. For a selection of cream filling machines that can provide years of reliability in both efficiency and integrity, consider purchasing machinery from Jinzong Machinery. We offer a variety of liquid fillers, labeling equipment, and conveyors.

Install a Complete Cream Filling Equipment System

Our liquid filling equipment is designed to fill many different types of liquids, including creams of varying viscosity levels. Whether your cream product is thin or thick, we have machinery that can fill various types of containers, including gravity fillers, overflow fillers, and piston fillers. If you’re unsure which type of machines are suitable for your product, we can help you choose equipment based on viscosity and other factors.

After the liquid filling process, other types of liquid packaging machines we offer can complete other processes. We offer customizable cappers, conveyors, and labelers that can work cohesively to produce top-quality product packaging. Our team of experts can work with you to develop a solution that is compatible with your facility.

Configure a Custom Production Line

Like other types of liquid products, creams require production line configurations that work best with them specifically. Depending on the type of cream product and its packaging requirements, we can help you design and implement a customized liquid packaging line that gives your facility the results you want from liquid packaging processes. We offer size and setup options that can meet the individual requirements of your application, and assist with the implementation process.

Automatic Cream Filling and Capping Machine

Automatic Capping Machine, Automatic Cream Filling Machine, Filling Machines

Our automatic rotary star wheel filling & capping machines are suitable for filling water-thin to medium thick products, such as liquid medicine, toner, perm lotion, air freshener, skin care, etc. They are featured with compact configuration, small area occupied, nice appearance, easy adjustment and wide applicability, which make them can be widely used in the pharmaceutical, pesticide, daily chemical, food or other industries. In these series, the filling and capping actions are driven by accurate mechanical transmission, which can guarantee the quality of the products effectively.

Cream Tube Filling Packing Machine Manufacturers

Cream Filling Machine, Filling Machines

Product Description: This machine is high technical equipment which successfully developed and designed by introducing into advanced overseas technology and integrating GMP requirement, with features of fair structure, full function, easy operation, accurate filling, stable running, as well as low noise. It adopt with PLC controller, automatically operating from liquid or high velocity material filling till batch number printing (include manufacture date), it's an ideal equipment for ALU tube, plastic tube and multiple tube filling and sealing in cosmetic, pharmacy, foodstuff, adhesives etc industries, comply with the standard of GMP.

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