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How to Operate the Powder Activated Carbon Dosing Device? What does it contain?



The activated carbon dosing system is a fully automatic complete set of dosing equipment that prepares powder and water in a certain proportion and adds them to water.

The main workflow is closed silo storage, feeder feeding, screw conveyor conveying, stainless steel dissolution tank dissolution preparation, screw pump feeding to the feeding point to achieve the purpose of water quality treatment.

The conveying module mainly consists of equipment such as feeders, screw conveyors, pneumatic butterfly valves, etc. Function: Feed and Transport to the Dissolution Tank.

The configuration module integrates equipment such as dissolution tanks, centrifugal pumps, mixers, dust collectors, and pressure transmitters.


The Jinzong Activated Carbon Dosing System mainly includes the following parts:

1. Feeding system

The main function of the feeding system is to transfer activated carbon from the warehouse or material tank truck to the material bin in the system for storage.

There are generally two types based on the situation: bag loading system and material tank truck loading system;

2. Material storage system

The material storage system is used to store powder materials. The ability to continuously feed during the powder feeding process and the excellent physical properties of the powder are required;

Need to consider issues such as drying, dust removal, arch breaking, and safety during powder storage process;

3. Powder conveying system

The powder conveying is carried out by a quantitative spiral to transport the activated carbon powder from the silo to the dissolution system.

The selection of the entire system needs to be based on the design and construction process, selecting the appropriate conveyor and matching conveyor.

In addition, it is also necessary to consider the blockage problem that may occur during the conveying process of the powder. How to prevent blockage and whether it is necessary to adjust the dosage of powder activated carbon by adjusting the frequency conversion motor. It is recommended to use a shaft less screw conveyor;


4. Dissolution system

After calculation, a certain amount of water and powder activated carbon added through the conveying system are stirred and mixed in a specific container to form the required concentration of activated carbon powder, usually 5% -10%.

The dissolution system is divided into three chamber and two chamber types;

5. Liquid dosing system

Add the prepared solution to the dosing point through the power system and piping system.

The power system generally adopts screw pumps, metering pumps, etc., and the pipeline system includes pipelines and various valve flow meters;

6. Control system

The automation control used for the entire system is divided into semi-automatic control and fully automatic control.

The control cabinet adopts external PLC, frequency converter and accessories to improve user experience and operational reliability.

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