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What is the application of a vacuum emulsifying mixer?

What is the application of a vacuum emulsifying mixer?


A Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer is generally used for mixing of high viscosity material for emulsification. A vacuum emulsifying mixer is a full system for making a viscous emulsion, dispersion, and suspension in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food, chemical, and other industries on a small or big scale.

What is unique about the vacuum emulsifying mixer machine is that it utilizes the many significant vacuum functions to improve the performance of mixing and product handling and achieve the best mixing results.By controlling the mixing environment into a vacuum state, it will stop air from getting into the mix, which will cause the blades of the mixing tools to break down, and it will also make sure that the end products are void-free.

Where are the applications of vacuum emulsifying machines?

Cosmetics and Toiletries industrial

A vacuum emulsifying machine is used to prepare and process cosmetics and personal care products. It makes sure that thickening and suspending agents are properly hydrated, that the emulsion stays stable, that the process is clean, and that solids are broken down. It is also important that cosmetics have the right color, scent, and other physical properties after they are mixed.

Cream Emulsions and Lotions

Shampoos and Conditioners

Moisturizing Body Wash

Pigment Dispersion

Hair Dyes and Gels

Liquid Foundations

Dental Whitening











Pharmaceutical industrial

Making pharmaceuticals needs preparation of suspensions, handling, and processing cohesive powders.

Assay of Pharmaceutical Products

Pharmaceutical Syrups

Ophthalmic Solutions

Cream & Ointments

Sterile Processing

Tablet Coatings


Food industrial

Providing high-quality equipment for processing is not the only concern we have. Food safety is also important to us. Some of the most difficult parts of food and beverage processing are blending liquids of different thicknesses, dissolving nutrients and sugar, and keeping physical and nutritional properties. Keeping the process clean and ensuring the overall food rheology specifications are met.

Brewing & Distillery

Meat and Poultry

Flavor Emulsions

Meat & Poultry



Edible Oils

Pet foods



Chemical industrial

Pesticides and Insecticides

Solvents and Lubricants

Mold Release Agents

Paints and Varnishes

Paints and Pigments

Specialty Chemicals

Drywall Compound

Asphalt Emulsions

Rubber Solutions

Fabric Coatings

Ink Dispersions

Paper Coatings

Printing Colors


Drilling Muds



Lube Oils




Benefits of vacuum emulsifying mixer

Less waste and better sanitation- The vacuum mixer homogenizer has a Teflon or non-stick scrapper. This material is simple to clean, resistant to chemicals, and heat resistant. The scraper collects material wastes without interrupting the operation.

Get rid of voids- better drying process at a lower temperature.

Less Intake of Air- Keep unwanted air out of the whole mixing system by making a loop in the system. You can prevent blade damage by reducing or eliminating the amount of air that enters the system. This improves the lifespan of the vacuum emulsifying machine.

Scalability/Adaptability- We make a wide variety of mixers that are suitable for a wide range of viscosities and applications. They have a wide range of pumps and process systems that can withstand even the harshest conditions and still do a good job of metering, processing, and analyzing.

Vacuum emulsifier can work directly with other types of filling machines,such as pharmacetical filling machine、sauce filling-machine、cream filling machine.etc.

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