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The main characteristics and applicable scope of vacuum homogenizing emulsifier


Vacuum homogenizing emulsifier is an efficient mixing equipment, especially suitable for processing high viscosity materials that require highly dispersed emulsification. Today, Jinzong Enterprise, with over 20 years of experience in the production, research and design of vacuum homogenizing emulsifying machines, will introduce the main characteristics, functions, and applicable scope of vacuum homogenizing emulsifying machines to you.


Main characteristics:

Vacuum operation:

When the equipment is operated under vacuum conditions, it can effectively remove air and water in the material, prevent bubbles in the production process, ensure the fineness and stability of the final product, and help to reduce the boiling point, achieve low temperature treatment, and protect sensitive ingredients from high temperature damage.

High efficiency homogenization:By using a high-speed rotating rotor and stator to form a precise shear gap, the material is subjected to strong shear, impact, and turbulence effects, refining the particle size of the material to micrometers or even nanometers, achieving excellent emulsification effect and ensuring a delicate and uniform product texture.

Multi-function integration:Usually set mixing,dispersion,homogenizaton,heating,cooling,vacuum degassing,it can finish whole process operation from raw material pretreatment ,mixing,emulsification to final product molding,greatly simplify the production process,improve production efficieny.

Precise temporature control:equipped with sandwich heating/cooling system,the temperature in the working chamber can be  precisely  adjusted to meet the temperature-sensitive processing requirements of different materials, ensuring the stability of reaction conditions and the reproducibility of product quality.

Diversified design:According to  different product charateristics and produce scale,there are many kinds of vacuum homogenizing emulfiser ,includes pipe line type, lift type, laboratory type, pilot type, industrial production type and emulsifying grinder etc,homogenizing system can choose many types ,such as upper  homogenizing,lower homogenizing, internal and external  circulation etc ,stiring system has a varity of configurations, such as one-way,double-way,screw belt,etc,lifting system can be single  cylinder and double cylinder to adapt to different process requirements and capacity requirements.

Automation and cleanliness:Many vacuum homogenizing emulsifiers are equipped with automation control system,to realize of precise setting and monitoring of process parameters,and automatic lifiting ,cleaning and other functions of equippment,improve convinence of operation,comply with modern GMP(Pharmaceutical manufacturing quality Management Practice) and hygiene standard.

Main function:

Material refinement:

The mixture of solid liquid and liquid liquid is refined, so that the components that are difficult to be mixed uniformly can be uniformly dispersed on the microscopic scale, and a stable emulsion or suspension can be formed. 

Improve stability:

By using strong shear force to break the aggregation structure inside the material, the dispersed phase particles are finely refined and evenly distributed, significantly enhancing the stability of the system and extending the shelf life of the product.

Improving sensory quality:

The emulsified material has a finer texture, good luster, and smooth taste, enhancing the appearance appeal and user experience of the product.

Optimize formula performance:

In the fields of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food, etc., precise emulsification helps to improve the bioavailability of active ingredients and ensure the full utilization of formula efficacy.

Energy saving and consumption reduction:

The integrated design reduces intermediate links, improves energy utilization efficiency, and vacuum operation can reduce material evaporation loss and lower costs.

Scope of application:

Vacuum homogenizing emulsifier is widely used in the production of products in the following fields:

Cosmetic industry: such as  skin cream, facial cleanser, sunscreen, makeup products, hair conditioner, body wash, etc., the product is required to be delicate, stable and easy to absorb.

Pharmaceutical industry: such as ointments, emulsions, oral liquids, softgel contents, etc., are essential for the uniform dispersion and stable release of drugs.

Food industry:such as salad sauces, mayonnaise, ice cream, jam, milk drinks, condiments, baking sauces, etc., require products with delicate taste, uniform flavor and long shelf life.

Chemical industry:such as coatings, inks, surfactants, adhesives, lubricants, detergents, etc., need a stable emulsion or suspension system.

Biopharmaceuticals:such as vaccines, protein drugs, liposome drugs, etc., require strict emulsification processes to ensure the biological activity and efficacy of drugs.

Daily chemical care products: such as laundry detergent, hand sanitizer, detergent, etc. The products are required to have good detergency, foam performance and stability.

Other industries, such as printing and dyeing additives, papermaking additives, pesticide formulations, plastic rubber additives, power electronic materials, etc., involve the production of various fine chemicals that require emulsification technology.

In summary, the vacuum homogenization emulsifier, with its unique vacuum operation, efficient homogenization, multifunctional integration, precise temperature control, diversified design, and automated cleanliness, can meet the requirements of various industries for product refinement, stability, and high quality. It has become an indispensable key production equipment in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food, chemical and other fields.

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