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What machines are needed for lipstick production?

What machines are needed for lipstick production?


Lipstick includes lipstick, lip balm, lip gloss, lip glaze, etc. It makes lips rosy and shiny, moisturizes and protects lips, increases facial beauty and corrects lip contours. It is a product with a foil effect. It is one of the must-have beauty cosmetics for women, which can show the sensuality and charm of women.

Lipstick production line:

Three Roller Grinder-Lipstick Mixer-Lipstick Filling Machine-Lipstick Freezer Tunnel-Blowing Lipstick Release Machine

Three-roll milling machine for grinding products

1. The three-roll mill is mainly used for various paints, printing inks, lipsticks, pigments, coatings, plastic pulp, etc. Higher final fineness is required for high viscosity materials or slurries with poor flow properties. Especially suitable for grinding requiring high dispersion and fine particle size

2. Unique uniform roller ensures excellent grinding effect. The cosmetic processing machine grinds the material by pressing 3 rollers tightly together and dispersing, so as to obtain better grinding effect. The drum is made of chilled alloy, and the baffle is made of German Teflon material for different material requirements. The equipment is simple, convenient, easy to clean and maintain.

3. The body is made of stainless steel, the roller shell is hard nickel alloy, with a cooling system, and the pressurization system of the hydraulic roller ensures a consistently high output and long-lasting stability; it can be used in a mechanical gap adjustment device Set specific roll gaps to process high, medium or low viscosity materials.

Lipstick mixer for the production of liquid products

1. In the process of liquid production, mixing various raw materials and dissolved substances such as AES, AESA LSA, etc., can save energy consumption, shorten production time, and shorten production cycle.

2. The stepless speed regulating device is mainly used to reduce the bubble phenomenon at low temperature. Under the condition of high viscosity, less bubbles will be formed.

3. Production of liquid washing products, such as detergent, liquid soap, shower, dishwashing, hand soap, lubricating oil, etc.

4. Tilt the container to discharge the finished product.

Lipstick Filling Machine

1. 2 10kg double-layer oil-proof heating barrels, material: 304SUS

2. Manual filling model (bottle series) or transfer belt semi-automatic filling mode (plate series) only need to switch between manual and automatic models. Easy to use.

3. When using manual models. There are pedal models and time-limited models to choose from.

4. The nozzle can be raised and lowered to save manpower.

5. Piston distribution ensures accuracy.

Lipstick Freezer Tunnel Machine

The body is made of stainless steel, the double temperature drop reduces the loss of cold air, and the double sealing of the door makes up for the sealing performance of the body

Equipped with a conveyor belt, it is convenient to connect the lipstick equipment manufacturing process, which simplifies the work process and improves the work efficiency.

Air-cooled, not easy to sweat, quick-freezing.

Air blowing lipstick stripping machine is a lipstick that assists in stripping

1. The cosmetic manufacturing equipment machine is designed to assist in peeling lipstick from the mold.

2. Easy to operate interface.

3. Intelligent machine and control design, easy maintenance.

4. Reducing production procedures can improve work efficiency.

5. The size of this cosmetic making machine is mini type and does not occupy any space.

6. Air pressure drive, easy to maintain and clean.

7. Side blowing design avoids blowing holes from being stuck and damaged by friction, which is better than bottom blowing

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