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Herbicide filling machine

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-12-03
Herbicides filling machine, comprehensive performance is strong, fit most liquid products processing, can satisfy the demands of different liquid production line, stable operation, equipment support 7 & times; Long time 24 hours a day. Herbicide use bottled liquid pesticide products, buckets, packaging production, low breakage rate. Spraying coverage is wide and its product, cause no soil hardening, crop absorption efficiency is more high, the following recommendation of herbicide filling machine. Herbicide filling machine filling machine for the automatic liquid filling machine configuration eight head filling mouth ( 2 - according to demand configuration 16 head filling) And it can be finished on the touch screen operation: filling quantity adjustment, filling speed, etc, the filling mouth discharge does not drip, support independent parameter control, using the straight-line piston filling, suitable for all kinds of viscous liquid filling capacity. Equipment parts of stainless steel for corrosion resistance material, incredibly strong anti-corrosion properties, close contact between the parts and seal all the way, that there is no contact with the outside world reaction caused by volatile liquid materials. Herbicide filling machine features: 1, the piston filling, suitable for all kinds of agent, filling viscous liquid or other materials. 2, touch screen control, the process of filling operation is a key to achieve the basic type filling quantity, filling speed, production count, no downtime, digital product parameters setting etc. Function. 3, the material filling head and suction feeding system, designed specifically for does not drip, to ensure the production site and finished product packaging products not polluted by liquid material. 4, adjustable filling distance and high, suitable for all kinds of bottle 5, and other functions can be connected equipment, automatic filling machine production line. 5, herbicides, filling machine driven stepless governor stainless steel plate conveyor belt, flexible and coordination of multiple process synchronization.
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