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Development status of pharmaceutical machinery industry

Development status of pharmaceutical machinery industry


Pharmaceutical machinery can be divided into:

Raw medicinal machinery, such as reactors, fermenters, fermentors, etc. of synthetic drugs, antibiotics;

Formulation mechanical equipment, such as pulverizer, tableting machine, filling machine, pill machine, etc.

The pharmaceutical production line is combined with a variety of pharmaceutical equipment, a whole, according to a certain process and on-site construction conditions, through the most economical and safe way, with a certain amount of quality requirements medicine.

1. Classification of real time: a. Pre-class maintenance, lubrication, preheating, etc .; b. Daily maintenance, cleaning, wipe, wipe, wipe, C: C: Waitao, per weekend, thoroughly D: Moon Insurance, in addition to daily insurance, the content of the month, there is also an overhaul, change some of the renewable hazards discovered by the day; E: Regular maintenance, according to different equipment, every half year, one year Regular inspection, maintenance, technology improvement, innovation, etc .; F. Emergency maintenance, to establish a training-lotful maintenance team, repair those burst failures, reduce downtime.

2. According to the size and difficulty of maintenance content: a. First-level maintenance; b. Secondary maintenance; c. Xiang Xiu; d. Small repair; e. Big repair; the requirements for the above maintenance can be in accordance with the species, working conditions of the equipment, The specific situation of maintenance power is determined.

3. The maintenance cycle and content are specified in accordance with the requirements of components on the device. Such as: a. Open bearing periodic refueling, fever measurement; b. Gasbox (reducer) periodically refuel, change oil; c. Regular elimination, replacement of electrical appliances; d. Motor working current monitoring, carbon brush Regular replacement; etc.

Pharmaceutical machinery industry profile


In recent years, through producers' efforts have been developed with the development of export markets, with the recovery of the boom, the food and pharmaceutical machinery manufacturers have significant growth in the domestic demand market and the international market.

The pharmaceutical machinery industry similar to the food machinery has facing the internal structural changes in the market. However, the industry is in the international market boom, and the development of equipment and technology is required, and it has shown amazing in recent years. The flexibility of toughness and its coherent system has developed a considerable business opportunity and enhances the quality of operation of the company.

As far as this is, the industry has a complete system, and the advantages of international trade support. On the other hand, SMEs have to reduce marketing costs and saving export tariffs, and have went overseas to carry out industrial divisions overseas to form a multi-manufacturing center. However, whether it is assembled or went to overseas industries, food machinery or pharmaceutical machinery equipment is very dependent on the export market. In the past, food machinery exported in Southeast Asia. In addition to consolidating both the market, it is also necessary to expand other emerging markets, so it is committed to the development of new products, and obtain international certification of various equipment, and use the Internet for international marketing. Although there is currently competition in Korea, mainland China, Thailand, but food and pharmaceutical machinery producers have strong competitiveness, regardless of export standings or food, but also fully showed Taiwan. Diversion and rich in production equipment. In addition, the government actively promotes the certification of drugs GMP, food GMP and CAS, and Chinese medicine GMP, and complement with the provincial food and pharmaceutical industry.

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