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High Pressure Homogenizing Pump and Vacuum Pump Application

High Pressure Homogenizing Pump and Vacuum Pump Application


The homogenizing pump is a high-performance equipment for continuous production or recycling of fine materials. In a narrow space cavity, 1-3 sets of dual-bited multi-layer stators, rotors and rotors are driven by the motor to produce high speed. The axial suction draws the material into the cavity. The material is dispersed, sheared, and emulsified in the shortest time, and the particle size distribution range is also significantly narrowed. This produces a fine, long-term stable product.

Application field

Biomedicine; food industry; daily care products; coating inks; nanomaterials; petrochemicals; printing and dyeing auxiliaries; paper industry; pesticides and fertilizers; plastics and rubber; power electronics; other fine chemicals mixing, dispersion, emulsification.

A vacuum pump is a device or device that uses a mechanical, physical, chemical, or physicochemical method to evacuate a pumped container to obtain a vacuum. In general, a vacuum pump is a device that uses various methods to improve, create, and maintain a vacuum in an enclosed space.

According to the working principle of the vacuum pump, the vacuum pump can basically be divided into two types, namely, a gas trap pump and a gas transfer pump. It is widely used in metallurgy, chemical, food, electronic coating and other industries.

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