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Principle and Application of Dry Activated Carbon Dosing System for Water Treatment


The water treatment activated carbon dry dosing system is an efficient and convenient purification equipment in modern water treatment processes, mainly used to remove pollutants such as organic matter, pigments, odors, and some heavy metal ions from water. This system plays an important role in water treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, and various industrial wastewater treatment processes due to its unique operating mode and excellent purification efficiency.

1、 System working principle

The water treatment activated carbon dry feeding system mainly includes core components such as activated carbon storage device, quantitative feeding device, mixing reactor, and conveying pipeline. The workflow is as follows:

The activated carbon storage device stores activated carbon particles that have undergone strict screening and activation treatment, maintaining their good adsorption performance.

The quantitative feeding device precisely controls the dosage of activated carbon based on the actual water quality situation and treatment requirements, and uniformly and continuously sends the activated carbon into the water through pneumatic or electric types.

The added activated carbon comes into full contact with the treated water in the mixed reactor, utilizing its huge specific surface area and rich pore structure to physically and chemically adsorb harmful substances in the water, achieving deep purification of the water.

The water flow after activated carbon adsorption treatment enters the subsequent clarification, filtration and other processes through the transportation pipeline to ensure that the effluent quality meets the predetermined standards.

2、 System characteristics and advantages

The dry feeding method can effectively avoid moisture on activated carbon, maintain its good adsorption activity, and reduce the problem of microbial growth caused by wet carbon.

The system has a high degree of automation and is easy to operate. It can monitor and adjust the dosage of activated carbon in real time, adapt to changes in water quality, and ensure treatment effectiveness.

The use of a dry feeding system can reduce the loss of activated carbon during transportation and storage, and improve the efficiency of activated carbon use.

Activated carbon regeneration treatment is relatively simple. After appropriate treatment, a portion of the activated carbon can also be recycled and reused, thereby saving costs.

In summary, the water treatment activated carbon dry feeding system has played a huge role in ensuring water resource safety and improving water quality due to its high efficiency, stability, energy conservation, and environmental protection characteristics, and has become an important component of modern water treatment technology. With the advancement of technology and the enhancement of environmental awareness, the research and application of this system will receive more widespread attention and promotion.


The new dry type activated carbon dosing system developed by Jinzong Enterprise has the characteristics of small footprint, low equipment investment, low cost, fast effectiveness, high degree of automation dosing, fully enclosed environmental protection and pollution-free, safety and reliability, and stable operation. It can play a significant role in emergency treatment of source water pollution, and can also improve water quality in daily production applications, making important contributions to pollution prevention and improvement of drinking water quality. It is suitable for both the potential renovation of old water plants and the cost reduction and efficiency improvement of new water plants, comprehensively empowering and activating the new quality productivity of water plants, and promoting high-quality development.

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