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The 18th Paint Industry Summit

The 18th Paint Industry Summit


On July 8, 2022, the 18th Paint Industry Summit, with the theme of "new opportunities for digital connection", was held at the Shangri-La Hotel in Guangzhou. The summit was hosted by MCP and Huizheng Information. It aims to promote industrial intelligence, quality, efficiency and power changes in the upstream and downstream of the coating industry under the new trend of economic development, promote technology to lead the flow of technology, capital, talent and materials, accelerate the gathering and integration of industrial resources, and use digital technology to improve the efficiency of the coating industry from the perspective of responding to emergencies, promoting the optimal allocation of resources, and coordinating the efficient operation of the industry, Enable the upstream and downstream of China's paint industry to develop coherently and create a win-win future!

This summit commended the excellent products in the paint industry chain in the past year, set up a stage for the industry to display excellent brands, promote the prosperity of the paint industry, and guide the paint enterprises to move towards the development direction of branding and innovation. At the meeting, Guangdong Jinzong Machinery Co., Ltd., with its outstanding comprehensive strength, won the title of "Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment Manufacturer of the Paint Industry Chain" at the award ceremony of the "18th Paint Industry Summit".

For this award, Jinzong Machinery said, "We are very happy to win this award, and we are very grateful for the recognition of our customers. In the past 20 years, we have mastered a wealth of equipment application processes and key manufacturing technologies, especially for the obvious advantages of system integration. We will continue to do a good job in products and services, and provide customers with more efficient, environmental protection, safe and stable production equipment"

With the fluctuation of raw materials, cost reduction has become a new demand for upstream and downstream enterprises of coatings. As an intelligent manufacturing equipment manufacturer in the coating industry chain, how can Jinzong Machinery help coating enterprises overcome difficulties and promote the healthy development of the industry, Jinzong Machinery believes that: "Whether it is the fluctuation of raw materials or the impact of the general environment, enterprises need to report to the group for heating. On the one hand, they need to grasp the upstream supply chain, ensure the timely and timely supply of materials, treat each supplier well, and do not delay the payment for goods. When you have urgent needs, you can ensure that the required materials will not be affected. On the other hand, there must be continuous research and development investment and a good market competition environment. We have always opposed the way of breaking the bottom line The brutal growth mode of low price and disorderly payment, which destroys the normal market competition environment, not only leads to a dead end, but also damages the development of the industry. We have always adhered to the business philosophy of quality first and service first. Through continuous investment in research and development, we have gained market recognition through technological innovation and improvement of service quality. We also hope that the whole industry can be self-disciplined and promote the healthy development of the industry. "

Jinzong Machinery attracts a large number of outstanding talents and technical backbones, and cooperates with scientific research units of Guangdong University of Technology and other universities. It has been committed to product innovation for many years. It has developed complete sets of resin and coating equipment with international advanced level in the chemical equipment industry, and has obtained more than 20 practical new models and invention patents. It is a national high-tech enterprise and a provincial specialized and special new enterprise in Guangdong, At the same time, it has obtained the manufacturing qualification of special equipment and pressure vessel and the qualification of pressure pipeline installation (GC2). It is widely used in the production of chemical industry and provides customers with complete sets of automatic production equipment and solutions for the construction of the whole plant.

The title of "Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment Manufacturer in the Paint Industry Chain" not only reflects the recognition of Jinzong Machinery by consumers, society and industry professionals, but also reflects its focus and achievements in the paint industry. This honor will further expand the brand influence of Jinzong Machinery in the market and improve its popularity and reputation.



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