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The characteristics of the edible oil filling machine and the application

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-11-30
Cooking oil filling machine used cooking oil, lubricating oil, peanut oil, sesame oil, salad oil and other oil filling, and cooking oil piston filling is better choice, can be divided into automatic piston type filling machine and semi-automatic piston filling machine, can produce the oil filling machine and oil filling machine design is reasonable, model small, easy to operate, filling principle is simple and easy to understand. And filling volume and filling speed can be adjusted, and the filling precision is high. Cooking oil filling filling machine can be configured automatic filling machine production line, according to the demand of production of labeling machine, screw cap, screw cap machine, vacuum packing, and other functions, can be filling of lubricating oil, edible oil, peanut oil and other oil products. Also can use semi-automatic cooking oil filling machine, reasonable design, small machine, easy to operate. Cooking oil filling machine features 1, cylinder, piston and cylinder body are made of ptfe and stainless steel materials. 2, filling principle straightforward, filling volume and filling speed can be adjusted. 3, high filling precision, filling stop using drip tight, wire drawing and filling lifting device. 4, can be used lubricating oil, edible oil and other oil filling, 5, edible oil filling machine adopts the submersible filling, not easy to generate foam, prevent spills during filling. 6, and equipped with touch mouth outage alarm mechanism, production line adopts touch screen and microcomputer (in both English and Chinese PLC) Process control. 7, replacement of different specifications products, simple and convenient operation, the humanized control each filling mouth opening/closing and traffic. Suitable for food, medicine, cosmetics and other industry manufacturers products, such as lotions, nursing liquid, oral liquid, hair care liquid, liquid soap, lotions, disinfectant, foundation, antifreeze, shampoo, wash the eye drops, nutrient solution, injection, etc. Products. Wash clean, shower gel, perfume, cooking oil, lubricating oil and special industries of liquid filling.
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