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Liquid filling machine need to understand the way of maintenance

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-01-29
Some knowledge of liquid filling machine maintenance, can through the following points for maintenance and maintenance. 1. Before going to work every day, watch filling machine pneumatic combination of wet air filter and oil mist filter. Too much water, should be promptly eliminate; When the oil level is not enough, should be timely come on; 2. Drainage of the bottom of the piston and cylinder exhaust seals should be replaced in a timely manner after the wear and tear. 3. Packing should not be mixed with foreign body, otherwise it will cause inaccurate discharge or damage of the machine parts. 4. Liquid filling machine in order to maintain smooth stainless steel body, do not use sharp, hard tool scratch the surface, such as pollution, please use alcohol to wipe. 5. Cylinder 7 lubricated before delivery, do not remove the cylinder or add any lubricating oil. 6. Check valve, stainless steel tee and cylinder should be often remove and clean. 7. In the process of production, often should check the mechanical parts filling machine rotation, lift is normal, without exception, the screws is loose. 8. Check the ground wire of filling equipment, to ensure reliable contact, regular cleaning weighing platform, check whether the pneumatic pipe leakage, gas pipelines have been broken. 9. If the captain of the filler downtime, the pipe material should be empty. 1. To do a good job of cleaning and hygiene, keep filling machine device surface clean, often remove debris on the scale, pay attention to keep the electric tank clean. 11. Sensor is a kind of high precision, high tightness, high sensitivity of the device. Impact and overload is strictly prohibited. In the process of work may not touch, without maintenance may not remove. Automatically in the daily maintenance of filling machine, also pay attention to the maintenance of inspection, should cut off the circuit breaker when the tally or pull out the power plug, in case of electric shock, burns and injuries, filling machine tally, compressed air pressure should be zero. Remove the compressed air side parts before, must confirm the pressure has dropped to zero, automatic filling machine for correct and reasonable maintenance, can guarantee the filling machine has enough ability to put into production. Only in this way, can give full play to the role of the filling machine, to create maximum value for enterprise production.
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