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【 May Day Special Edition 】 Worker's song

【 May Day Special Edition 】 Worker's song


For 25 years, we have crafted every detail with a craftsman's heart,and driven every progress with the spirit of innovation. Another year's plan lies in spring. At the turn of spring and summer, full of vitality and energy, let's review the opening chapter of Jinzong people in the spring of the Jiachen year, in order to pay high respect to all hardworking and hardworking workers who strive forward!

The economic situation is severe, and the Jinzong labor team is walking on thin ice. Through various efforts, it has maintained stable development. Following a slight growth in 2023,the spring of 2024 will usher in a good situation, with a year-on-year growth of over 50% in Q1. This is the harvest and pride of every hardworking Jinzong worker! Let a series of pictures showcase our silent perseverance and hard work!

Communication: strengthen the relationship between politics, studies and cooperation, seek new articles, open new offices and start a new journey.


On April 19, Gan Feihong, member of the Standing Committee of the Wuhua County Party Committee and Minister of United Front,visited and had in-depth exchanges with Chairman of Jinzong Zhong Riqiang on the implementation of country sage investment, business to business, industry cultivation, suggestions and contributions for the "Hundred Million Project".


On April 15, the expert group of Guangdong Doctor Innovation and Development Promotion Association visited the factory,and Professor Gao Jixiang,dean of the Material Preparation, Forming and Equipment Research Institute of Guangdong Normal University of Technology,and other experts discussed with us on materials, equipment, digital upgrading, talent introduction, doctoral station establishment and other aspects, looking forward to further cooperation and development in the future!


On March 20th,Wang Hongji, Deputy District Cheif of Meixian District,and Chen Tianxin, Director of the Bureau of Science,Industry,and Commerce, along with a delegation, visited the factory for exchange and introduced the basic situation of Meixian District,investment promotion policies, manufacturing industry atmosphere,and business environment construction,etc. Both sides take this exchange as an opportunity to enhance understanding and mutual trust, and hope to take more measures to contribute to the development of their hometown Meizhou!


On March 14,Chairman Zhong Riqiang led a team to the College of Light Industry and Chemical Engineering of Guangdong University of Technology, and communicated with Zhou Dongbin, secretary of the Party Committee of the college,on project research and development, scientific research cooperation, talent training, etc., to promote the deep integration of production, university and research,accelerate the development of new quality productivity, and achieve high-quality development of enterprises.


On March 4, the Political and Legal Committee of Zhaoqing High-tech Zone and the leadership of the Armed Forces Department visited the headquarters of Guangzhou Company and exchanged information on the development, security and comprehensive treatment of enterprises in the park.

Technical transformation: introducing advanced equipment to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve quality


 Jinzong Enterprise has recently greatly upgrade the production equipment and introduced a large number of advanced equipment:Japan CNC five-axis machining center,7m long axis lathe,dynamic balance testing machine,Japan Nickon CMM three-dimensional μm precision measurement system,laser cutting robot,AI double gun half tube automatic welding system,double vision automatic plasma welding machine,robot laser welding machine,automatic plate,head,cylinder polishing machine...Only with advanced equipment can we produce more advanced equipment,reduce production costs,improve production efficiency,reduce human operation errors,and improve product quality,which is also the first step in the digital upgrading of enterprises.

Sales:Travel at home and abroad,Meet customers from all over the world


On the ninth day of the New Year,many people are still immersed in the joy of the Spring Festival,Jinzong sales and service staff have been like hard bees,running in the great rivers and moutains of the motherland,to care about and support our customers and friends to present a sincere festival congratulations and equipment application program,the whole spring,visit interview,video meeting,mutual inspection,Canton Fair,Middle East Paint Exhibition,American Fair,Beauty Expo,China Urban Water supply and Drainage Annual meeting...A number of merchants from home or abroad,inspected Jinzong,recognized Jinzong,sighed the order,established friendship,mutual benefit and mutual help,achievements you and me!

Production:Casting the Soul of Quality with the Heart of a Craftsman


The production workshop has always been hot,busy and orderly,the craftsmen are working hard to ensure the quality and quantity of delivery on time,and The spirit of responsibility has earned praise from Russian merchants who came for testing and acceptance for a long journey.

Engineering services: Seize the construction period, speed up the progress, ensure quality and quantity, and cast high-quality products


In the beginning of spring, multiple projects of Jinzong have started simultaneously at home and abroad. The brothers of the engineering and after-sales service departments are stationed in other places, overcoming various difficulties, trying their best to create conditions, rushing to meet the schedule, and casting high-quality products with quality and quantity. All of this is to quickly hand over the production tools to users to create more wealth!

Learning from Excellence: Empowering Team Growth through Learning from Excellence


Excellence is our focus goal, to empower the continuous progress of Jinzong's management team. In the beginning of spring, the company continuously sends management personnel at all levels to learn advanced experience humbly from friendly enterprises, such as Dongdao New Energy, Jimin Pharmaceutical, Baode Technology, and Taiyi Precision... We are grateful for the selfless teaching of excellent enterprises, and through a series of exchange activities, we learn from experience, broaden our horizons, and let us progress and grow better and faster!

Wishing all customers and friends who care and support us a happy May Day! May everyone always have good health, harmonious families, and all the best!

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