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Vegetable oil filling machine maintenance method

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-02-13
, suitable for all kinds of material filling agent, oil products, and working around the clock for us, we also hope that he has a good maintenance, can let he stable production services for us, the following is to maintain dry, to see if you do the right thing: 1, vegetable oil filling machine use process, often there is no damage to the parts inspection, if there's any loose for small parts. 2, the equipment must be kept clean, strictly cooking oil filling machine has the sundries such as oil, liquid, sundry, in order to avoid damage to the equipment. 3, when using vegetable oil filling machine to adjust the height of the bottle, distance etc, be sure to tighten, with handle rotating machine, check whether the action is conform to the requirements. In the adjustment of vegetable oil filling machine, to correctly use tools, don't use too much greatly too forcibly tools or parts removed, in order to avoid damage or affect the performance of the machine. Scrubbing 4, should be done once a week, especially in use at ordinary times is not easy to clean place to wipe or compressed air blowing off, to ensure hygiene for next time use. These daily maintenance measures actually very simple, familiar with, also can easily master the vegetable oil filling machine maintenance, the correct maintenance of the right can give benefits inexhaustible equipment. In the use of vegetable oil filling machine may encounter in the process of filling material leakage problem, how to correctly handle? 1, automatic filling machine leakage may be material cylinder is at the center of the cylinder bracket material direction, in the case of any changes of material cylinder, please put the material at the end of cylinder head installed. 2, quickly across the 3-way valve installed on the spiral spring, under tension. If the tension is too large, the check valve cannot open it. 3, all fixture and hose can seal? If so, please correct. 4, if the filling speed is too fast, adjust the filling throttle valve, reduce filling speed; 5, magnetic switch is not loose, please lock after each adjustment quantity. 6, cylinder piston and piston rod are tight, loose, if any, please lock. 7. Cylinder piston o-rings damaged? If so, please change.
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