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The filling capacity can be set up automatic filling machine?

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-12-22
2. Adjust JiGuan installed the automatic filling volume, determine the quantitative evaluation of the bottle filling machine and quantitative methods, if you want to change needs to be filled with different capacity of the bottle, can be finished by adjusting the piston core of lifting mechanism. When using the cup quantitatively, filling machine quantitative methods must also change, quantitative cup volume changes are also filling amount of change. 3. Filling machine speed control: the filling machine is usually type stepless speed regulating device and control device, automatic filling machine stepless speed regulating device has a variety of ways, because of the level directly affect the filling speed, so should be according to the usage and production situation in production, use to adjust the filling machine, 4. If the level is too low even at a certain filling bottle filling Angle, automatic filler for wine in the liquid level can be adjusted and controlled in the right place, can basic remain unchanged during the process of filling, filling speed and stability. 5. Quantitative form of liquor filling machine mainly is the quantitative bottle, if change the volume filling bottles, you can adjust the height of the hoisting mechanism of piston core to implement.
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