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The filler selection type and classification automatically

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-12-20
There are many kinds of automatic filling machine machinery: according to the different filling materials ( Water, paste, paste, gas liquid, gas liquid, paste, etc. ) , and different packing containers ( Bottles, cans, boxes, barrels, bags, etc. ) , different type of automatic filling machine. The classification of the automatic filling machine. 1 according to the structure divided into: linear automatic filling machine, rotary automatic filling machine. 2. According to the metering device: weighing type filling machine, liquid filling machine, automatic filling machine, piston type filling machine. 3. According to the number of filling valve head: single head filling machine, multi-head filling machine. 4. According to the principle of filling, vacuum filling machine, normal pressure filling machine, piston type filling machine, pressure filling machine, water filling machine. 5. According to the feed cylinder structure: single room feeding machine, double chamber feeding machine, multicellular feeding filling machine. 6. According to the degree of automation: semi-automatic filling machine, automatic filling machine. 7. According to the packaging container lifting structure: sliding lifting machine, pneumatic lifting machine, sliding type pneumatic combination filling machine. In the face of so many model, what is right? Only after the match and test machine, we can choose the right machine. Jin Zong filler machinery research and development and sales have been so many years, our company not only has excellent sales and service personnel, also has a group of innovative solid scientific research personnel, for merchants to provide customized automatic filling machine production line, the whole process of product production process to realize the automatic high efficiency filling.
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