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Talk about the system process of liquid filling machine

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-12-12
Liquid filling machine system is introduced in this paper technological requirements in order to be able to reach customers on the filling machine of many varieties, high precision, environmental protection requirements, such as filling the development of the production process to do the following: 1, to reach the filling accuracy is higher than 0. Under the premise of 5% can filling, such as the third generation of filling machine & ndash; Servo filling machine; 2, the whole production line can adapt from 1 ~ 5000 ml packing filling volume, but also single barrel filling, make oil cut when switching loss; 3, is of high maneuverability and adaptability, make equipment HuanXing time shorter and simple operation, a humanized operation; 4, require according to the product temperature to take the initiative to adjust the function of the filling amount, high degree of initiative in operation; 5, has the network function, the production line of centralized monitoring can be performed after each device connected to the Internet, and can carry on the cohesion and the production management system, in order to improve the production and equipment management power; 6, there is no leakage in the process of oil filling and spill phenomenon, agree with environmental requirements of the HSE system.
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