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Linear liquid filling machine characteristics of the equipment

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-01-12
1. Liquids in general pressure, according to the weight of the liquid itself in the form of gravity flow filling, packing way for filling in is greater than the atmospheric pressure environment, the storage tank pressure is greater than the pressure in the bottle, need filling liquid according to the differential pressure into the bottle, liquid filling machine machine operation are key components of the PLC control system. 2. Liquid quantitative filling machine adopts uniform, uniform, the principle of constant pressure, quantitative precision, adjustment is simple and reliable operation. 3. All parts in contact with the filling liquid is made of stainless steel or polypropylene material to ensure filling liquid is not contaminated, accord with the food sanitation standards. 4. The liquid filling machine mainly exposed parts made from stainless steel, beautiful appearance. Transmission part on racks, compact structure, smooth operation, low voice. 5. Quantitative control valve with fine-tuning agencies to fine-tune filling quantity. 6. If the worktable is equipped with automatic into the bottle and the bottle body, then it can be assembled on assembly line, automatic filling. 7. Liquid filling machine design is very reasonable, appropriate mechanical reminding device is small, operation is simple, liquid filling machine machine adopts the new type of pneumatic components, pneumatic part of the cylinder piston and the cylinder block of ptfe and stainless steel, meet the requirements of GMP inspection; Filling volume and filling speed can be adjusted, and high precision. 8. Liquid filling machine equipment according to actual production requirement. Can be transformed into long, explosion-proof, the overflow system, apply to food, daily necessities, pesticides and other industries. Above is the characteristic of linear liquid filling machine, straight-line liquid filling machine according to process requirements also customize, or filling machine production line configuration utility, achieve high efficiency of production lines.
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