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Light soy sauce filling machine

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-01-14
Soy sauce is mainly used for seasoning, color shallow, so doing ordinary cooking or the use of cold dishes. Do you know how the production of packaging? , the use of fully automatic liquid filling light soy sauce filling machine, adjustment of it for most liquid condiment has good filling effect. Light soy sauce filling machine, using special filling valve and high-power vacuum pump, the packing after filling the liquid level, in the process of filling bottle seal, fluid flows down the bottle wall, effective control of the liquid in the process of filling the impacts of bubbles, prevent the liquid discharge. Automatic light soy sauce filling machine adopts frequency control of motor speed, filling speed, the filler filling large range, filling volume can be in 1 - 5 filling quantity configuration, it is suitable for bottle of high wide range can be adjusted in May, according to the sample demand. Light soy sauce filling machine equipment mainly imported silicone seal parts, components are adopted to meet the requirements of food hygiene and stainless steel, filling valve is easy to remove, easy cleaning, can sync continuously adjust filling bottles, production count, touch screen, no bottle no filling, filling head also can be adjusted according to customer demand change, reach the effect of different filling. Light soy sauce filling machine for automatic straight-line liquid filling machine can be configured to other equipment such as automatic bottle machine, printing machine, rotary machine, packing machine series equipment such as an efficient light soy sauce filling machine production line. Light soy sauce filling machine features: 1. Filling machine widely used in food, daily chemical, oil and other industries, filling can be all kinds of high viscosity fluid, a new design reasonable, compact concise and beautiful appearance, easy to filling quantity. 2. Light soy sauce filling machine have multiple synchronous filling head ( 2 - according to the demand for configuration 16) , rapid and accurate filling material. 3. Raw material contact part of the smoke filling machine with 316 l stainless steel materials. 4. Light soy sauce filling machine adjustment is convenient, no bottle no filling, accurate filling volume, and with counting function. 5. This equipment adopts drip-proof brush filling bulkhead, prevent high foam filling products promotion system, to ensure that the bottle mouth positioning positioning system and liquid level control system. The automatic filling machine equipment which is composed of more than one motor, liquid filling machine, filling head control advantages to occupy the important position, leading the whole packaging market, with simple operation, high efficiency, higher accuracy, the machine more stable, lower energy consumption, use more diverse, more convenient maintenance, etc.
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