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The cleaning requirements of fixed tube plate heat exchanger

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-11-13
【 Problem 】 Fixed tube plate heat exchanger cleaning requirements? 【 Answer 】 1. Isolation equipment system, and the inside of the tube plate heat exchanger clean water discharge. 2. Using high pressure water to clean the pipe remaining impurities such as silt, algae, closed system. 3. The isolation valve and switch between mount ball valve ( Not less than 1 inch = 2. 54 cm) , and the water back to the nozzle should be installed. 4. System connected to pump and connection pipe, keep pumping from the base of the heat exchanger, flowed from the top. 5. Needed to start pumping into the heat exchanger at the teck cleaner ( Ratio can be adjusted according to the specific situation) 。 6. Repeated cycle cleaning to the recommended cleaning time. With the progress of the cycle and sediment, the dissolution of fumes, reaction will also increase, shall, from time to time, discharge air through the vent valve will be redundant. With the discharge of air, space will increase in the condenser, can add the appropriate water, not to inject large amounts of water from the start, may cause the overflow of water. 7. In a loop to check the validity of the cleaner regularly, you can use the PH test paper. If the solution remains at PH 2 ‐ 3, then the cleaner is still valid. If the PH cleaner reaches 5 ‐ 6, need to add the right amount at teck detergent. Eventually the PH of the solution in 2 ‐ 3 when did not change significantly for 30 minutes, to achieve the cleaning effect. Note: f the teck cleaning agent can be recycled after repeated use, emissions will cause waste. 8. To reach the washing time, recycling cleaning solution. Rinse clean with clear water is rinsed repeatedly switches, until to neutral PH paper is used to test the PH 6 ~ 7. 9. Finish after cleaning can be switched on. Also can test and see whether there is leakage phenomenon. If there is a leak, the ka wah high composite material can be used to repair, and can greatly prolong the service life of equipment. 10. After equipment stability, take note of the current medium, working pressure, discharge data in thermal efficiency, etc. 11. Is cleaning the numerical changes before and after cleaning, the enterprise can be calculated every hour save electricity, coal and other production costs and improve work efficiency, it is enterprises to adopt f the teck technology application value of compensation. 12. The same operation method can also be used for plate and frame type heat exchanger cleaning. 13. Passivation film processing, such as enterprise need equipment can press to operate: cheng passivation in advance according to the recommendation will be diluted than pumping equipment ( At the same time in the circular groove hang specimens) ; According to the recommended time circulation, soak; Effect of preparing membrane ( The red or blue dot probes method) ; Emissions; Water is rinsed clean to neutral ( PH test paper is used to test the PH 6 ~ 7) 。 14. After the passivation film beforehand, had better use the ventilation system such as fan blow dry, to ensure and promote passivation membrane effect.
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