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Nail polish filling machine

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-02-16
Nail polish the filler workflow: glass bottle by automatically unscramble bottle machine, belt line output, stop in the bottle on the location, the bottle bottles manipulator accurately on the pressure into the dial on the mould. The bottle with the index plate flow in each station. In filling station, cylinder nail polish by filling head under constant air pressure into the bottle. The two filling station two filling. In stoppering station, gasser manipulator of the vibration plate and the plug pressure into the bottle. In screw cap station, manipulator on the cover on the cover of the vibration plate and the bottle, and by the screw LIDS screw the bottle cap tight. Finally out of the station at the top, the bottle is thimble ejection. Nail polish filling machine features: 1. 2 cylinder seal, vacuum pump. Constant pressure filling, stable performance, high reliability. 3. Single bottle filling twice faster. 4. Filling head inserted into the bottle filling function 5. Automatic bottle, automatic stoppering, automatic screw cap 6. Machine speed stepless adjustable 7. 8 automatic touch screen operation. Design, materials, fabrication, assembly, commissioning 9 conform to GMP requirements. The machine every contact materials and some related parts adopt high quality stainless steel 1. The machine running stable and reliable, no noise and other pollution. 11. Clean the parts were picked from quick change device, easy unpick and wash USES/applications used in all kinds of daily chemical products, medicine, cosmetics, food, chemical industry and other liquid, water filling machine. Such as perfume, nail polish, spray, etc liquid. Agent products product customization and understanding about the product information: 1, you can contact our online customer service to understand the details of the product. 2, you can through the communication and customer service to know what type to recommend to you. 3. You can provide your production demand, customized non-standard products information authority in product trading: 1, you can through the online payment to complete the transaction. 2, you can through the on-the-spot investigation to complete the transaction.
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