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Development of the mixer and the three dimensional mixer taboo

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-10-13
Mixing machine is widely applied in various fields of national economy and people's livelihood, because to adapt to the requirements of different working condition, so its variety huge number. Mixing machine manufacturing industry in China is very large, mixer factory thousands, all over the country, at present our country has become a global mixing machine production and market demand is one of the largest. But mixing machine industry mostly small and medium-sized enterprises in our country, the good and bad are intermingled, annual output value over one hundred million yuan of less than 10, even compared to other domestic machinery industry, both on the equipment and technology level and there is a big gap, real unit capable of independent research and development of high-end products rarely, resulting in large petrochemical, nuclear power, oil and gas long distance pipeline and other major engineering projects, the matching mixer at present is still mainly rely on imports. The current mixer enterprise attaches great importance to the development of new products. Should see, mixing machine industry development in our country today, although with the international advanced level there are gaps, but has gone beyond simply copy the absorption phase. The technical way to seek further development, should be based on the analysis of draw lessons from foreign advanced products at the same time, from a deeper level, the trend of the development of the technology of mixing machine and product development to make a comprehensive analysis and thinking, efforts to develop new products with independent intellectual property rights. Three-dimensional mixing machine is a kind of common mixer, we all know that it is composed of base, drive system, electric control system, multidirectional sports institutions, mixing barrel parts, such as direct contact with the material of the mixing barrel is made of stainless steel materials manufacturing, barrel outer wall in the body after polishing. The most core part is three-dimensional mixer mixing tube, its structure is also one of the most important, the mixing barrel is made of high quality stainless steel refined, its inner and outer wall after polishing treatment. Cylinder pressure tightness good, surface is bright and clean no dead Angle, no residue, easy to clean. Feeding mouth clamp flange sealing, convenient operation, good air tightness. Discharge end adopts the unique design of eccentric taper, asymmetric design more conducive to material mixing, feeding, discharging port at the mixing vessel the lowest position, put all the material at the same time. Three-dimensional mixer in material mixture is one of the most avoid is two points, the existence of a mixed movement of the centrifugal force, it can make the different density were mixed material segregation; Is mixed material clouds block and accumulate movement, the spread of the material cannot effectively admixture, dimensional motion mixer motion state of the customer service these ills, it is a three dimensional mixer is ideal efficient mixing equipment in the world. Dry powder mixing machine, equipped with new high-speed spiral cutter, completely solve the problem of poor dispersion fiber, dry powder mixing machine cover an area of an area small, easy installation without fixed, less investment, high efficiency, is the first selection of building materials production enterprises.
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