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Tube and shell heat exchanger is easy to buy a new tube and shell heat exchanger

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-10-23
Jin Zong strong chemical machinery heat exchange equipment, with many years of tube and shell heat exchanger with cast iron material production is given priority to, its main use is refrigeration, heat transfer. Models for yw product model, in which is popular and best-selling, weight 1000 kg, products can supply according to customer requirements. Guangdong Jin Zong chemical machinery co. , LTD. Is the original chemical machinery factory in guangdong in 2001, according to the relevant national policy reform success co. , LTD. , the experience and the development of recent years. Make today Jin Zong chemical machinery heat exchange equipment the basis of product quality. We supply tube shell heat exchanger, are all made of high quality material such as cast iron, using to customers at ease use. Company address: guangdong city hi-tech development zone of jiangsu province taishan road no. 121. Jin Zong chemical machinery with advanced production equipment, strong technical force, modern detection means, perfect after-sales service, strict management system, good corporate reputation, product all over the country. The company through the direct sales way to supply the market with advanced tube heat exchanger, our product quality, price, please rest assured to buy!
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