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Peppermint oil filling machine

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-12-17
We already know, peppermint oil is similar to the shape of eye drops and oral liquid bottles, and with smaller size and diameter. In the process of production and processing, need to pay attention to many problems, such as how to control the product accuracy, need what kind of production environment and specific equipment requirements, etc. Peppermint oil filling machine with the recommendation below: peppermint oil filling machine can be used chuck type filling machine, also can use linear filling machine all aspects of performance is significantly improved, to ensure that the process is running 24 hours a day. Peppermint oil filling machine the machine is stable, can use vacuum suction type processing, high filling precision, filling can be all kinds of water and liquid materials. There are a variety of specifications to choose from, all sorts of functions by connecting equipment to realize automatic filling machine production line. Peppermint oil filling machine features: 1, the equipment adopts industrial microcomputer control operation parameters, intelligent system instruction execution parameters accurately, the whole machine is convenient is adjustable. 2, equipped with a variety of production function, so as to realize automatic, intelligent peppermint oil products filling machine. 3, with small size and stable operating parameters. 4, can be customized peppermint oil filling cap unscrewing machine automatic filling production integration products, suitable for processing small bottle products. 5, adopt touch screen digital control, filling quantity adjustment, preciseness, filling the counting production equipment function
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