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Peanut filling machine functional features

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-12-18
Peanut oil filling machine function characteristics: 1. Color touch-screen operation control, adjust the more intuitive, convenient, and easy to understand, the overall performance comprehensive enough, also retains the basic physical buttons below, convenience is very thoughtful. 2. Can use full automatic production line technology, improve the filling stability and accuracy, convenient maintenance. Frequency converter to adjust multistage speed, filling splash, overflow, filling is completed, shut down automatically filling head and puts it back in leakage. 3. Peanut oil filling machine and using a single metering pump ( Cast iron) Compared to traditional filling machine, pump body separation and measurement system, and material contact parts are all made of stainless steel, durable, conform to the hygiene standards. 4. Filling position separated from the left side of the console design, suitable for all kinds of bottle type of the shape, size, thread rocker arm design, make the replacement of varieties and adjustment more convenient save Labour, increase card neck, facilitate the bottle alignment. 5. Peanut oil filling machine system can automatically check the filling quantity; 6. Can store a variety of recipes, a key to invoke various formula, changing or different types of packing more convenient. 7. Main core parts are premium brands such as Siemens, the deco appliances, they are the national standard parts, convenient purchase, maintenance is convenient.
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