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Liquid filling machine production line process

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-02-01
Liquid filling filling machine according to the principle can be divided into normal pressure filling machine, pressure filling machine and vacuum filling machine, the application range is wide, can be used in many industries, long-term use in the wine industry in the production process. Normal pressure filling machine is the use of pressure liquid filling weight, the automatic filling machine automatic positioning and quantitative filling, applicable to the milk, wine and other liquid filling. Liquid filling machine is used for pressure below the atmospheric pressure in the bottle for filling, the automatic irrigation machine has simple structure, high efficiency, to oil, syrup, fruit wine, such as the viscosity of the material characteristics of wide adaptability, liquid filling machine process, automatic positioning, automatic lock bottle, automatic filling, etc. Liquid filling machine production line process: liquid filling machine production line adopts a variety of functions linkage production equipment, automatically unscramble bottle, automatic conveying bottle, the empty bottle away from the unscramble bottle machine, bottle through the conveyor belt to the filling machine, automatic filling, filling is completed and then to the screw cap machine, so the bottle can automatically cover, screw cap, after the completion of the continue from delivery to label the labeling machine, bottle JingJian machines after inspection, directly to the out of the box machine, loaded box packing machine, sealing machine, and then sent to the stacker. Stacked in the tray, then sent to the warehouse. Function of automatic filling machine production line USES the many kinds of equipment, according to the production process requirements of product configuration, and can realize unmanned, high efficiency, fast production, contact details can be Jin Zong customer service, take the product information can be provided free of charge effective solutions and recommend automatic filling machine equipment.
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