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Food filling machine six big role

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-12-15
Center tip: in the eyes of filling the designer, the first is, of course, can have the effect of power sales and brand integration, but then in detail the role of food filling machine for you, of course we think that the first must be an absolute position: 1, promote food competition, improve food sales, maintenance, 2 food and extending shelf life of food, 1) Maintain the appearance of the food quality food produce certain economic benefits in the process of the whole flow, through transfer, loading and unloading, transport and storage, easy to form the appearance quality of the food of the injury, after food by inner and outer packing, can very good maintenance of food, in order to prevent formation damage. ( 2) To maintain the original quality food, extend the food shelf life of food in the whole flow process, its change and bad quality will attack. The food itself has certain nutrients and moisture, the bacteria, mould and yeast production basic conditions of reproduction, when food preservation temperature suitable for reproduction, will cause erosion change the food. If the food selection sterile packaging or packaging after high temperature sterilization, cold storage, such as processing, can avoid food phenomenon is a type of attack, extend the shelf life of food. Together, the food itself has certain moisture, when the moisture content of attack change, will lead to the flavor of food change or go bad. If choose corresponding moisture filling skills can avoid the outbreak of the above phenomenon, and effectively extend the shelf life of food. Again, the food circulation from the sun and the light of direct illuminate, and at high temperature, oxidation are easy to make food attack. Change color, wait for a phenomenon, such as choosing appropriate skills such as vacuum filling and packing material accordingly. Also can effectively extend the shelf life of food packing. 3, packing food is convenient transfer some packing containers of food circulation. Such as bottled wine, beverage, canning, field of milk powder, etc. , these packaging bottles, cans and bags is not only the packaging container. Also sell food circulation and move. It brings food circulation a great convenience. 4, add convenience food varieties in some convenience foods, consumers with a local flavor, it is only through the packaging after the talent flow. Communicate across the famous food, increase the People's Daily food varieties. Again, fresh foods, such as frozen dumplings, packaging after helping and saving skills, can facilitate people's consumption of 5, convenient to avoid contamination of food cooking food, choose food of special packaging skills in circulation, with containers and hand touch, easy to contaminated foods and through the packaging of food can avoid the phenomenon of attack, is conducive to the health of consumers. 6, promote the rationality of the food circulation and planning some fresh food, easy erosion metamorphosis, the far side is not easy to transport, such as fruit and aquatic products, made all kinds of canned in origin, can reduce waste and reduce the shipping cost, and can promote the rationality of the food circulation and planning.
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