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Viscous liquid filling machine?

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-01-06
First of all should be based on the nature of the filling material ( Viscosity, foamability, volatile, meantime, etc. ) Choose the suitable filling machine, in order to meet the requirements of production process. For example, fragrance is thick liquid, volatile aromatic substances in order to avoid losses, should be generally adopted should the cup type or normal pressure filling machine; For juice class material liquid, in order to reduce the contact with air, to ensure product quality, the general should use vacuum plus juice filling machine. Secondly, should keep filling machine production capacity and process before and after processing and packaging machinery production capacity to match. Second, productivity directly reflect the production capacity of production line, so the higher productivity, the economic efficiency, the better. In order to improve the quality of products, should choose equipment of high precision, also has a high degree of automation of filling machine. But the equipment price increase, increase the unit cost of the product. So when choosing filling machine, should be combined with production process requirements, comprehensive consideration of relevant factors. Three, the craft of filling machine range refers to its ability to adapt to different production requirements, the process range is wide, more can improve the utilization rate of equipment, realize multi-usage, it is using the same equipment filling can be a variety of materials and a variety of specifications. So in order to adapt to drinks, beverage industry, many varieties, many specifications of the production requirements, should choose the filling machine process range as wide as possible.
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