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Three common faults cooking oil filling machine

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-12-01
First, edible oil filling quantity is not stable, the number what should I do? 1. Check the filling machine oil inlet hose steel wire and filling machine joint leaks oil. If there are air bubbles, with wire or steel wire clamp and tighten, until no leakage. 2. Check whether there is any dirt and particles on copper within the check valve. 3, check whether the magnetic switch on the cylinder is fixed, pay attention to do not force too much. 4. Replace the oil cylinder of a v-shaped sealing ring. 5. Cooking oil filling machine mostly flowmeter filling machine is used to detect the flow of failure. Second, edible oil filling equipment filling mouth how to drip? 1. Adjust the four base Angle of screw filling machine, to avoid shaking. 2. Check the refill valve in presence of particles, such as there are clear. Third, how to adjust edible oil filling machine filling speed? 1. Check whether the inlet pressure is normal. Otherwise check gas road congestion, air compressor working is normal. 2, adjust the solenoid valve, muffler throttle valve adjusting screw, exit quickly, turned into the slow. 3. Inlet pressure can be adjusted to zero. 4 to 0. 5mpa。 4. Check for dirt refill valve plug, if is clear.
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