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The production principle of the automatic filling machine

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-08-21
The machine works will empty barrels sent to the filling position, aim the barrel mouth and spray gun mouth, press the 'start' button, spray gun inside the cylinder driven into the barrel; After putting in place when testing spray gun, bottom valve opens, nitrogen filling valve will start dry nitrogen through filling the mouth filling the cask, makes the air inside the barrel is nitrogen replacement, and the lining can accelerate the bucket. Technical characteristics of dry, ensure the safety of the filling. When nitrogen inflator, should guarantee to completely replace the air in the container, concrete filling nitrogen can be adjusted by controlling the instrument time. Nitrogen filled nitrogen charging valve shut down after a certain amount, control instrument scales over the barrel will automatically remove tare weight, then fast charging ball valves open at the same time; First fast charging, spray gun in the decline in the lowest position began to rise after stay for a period of time under the liquid surface filling, stay in the middle as the liquid level 3, to the barrel mouth to stop, slow charging again; When the filling amount reaches preset schedule, the bottom of the ball valve and valve closed; Spray gun rises to the outside of the barrel; Vacuum suction device to start back, ensure no residual droplet leak. The entire line seal adopt ptfe packing material, to meet the requirements without any leakage. After filling artificial feeding push the pailful to real barrels of roller, manual pneumatic screw cap; To twist the lid of the real push barrels to unloading bucket buffer location; With forklift will be packed bottles away. Per shift after filling, the filling head tank was laid, the manual material feeding valve is turned off, do a filling process, release material, turn it off. Initial state recovery equipment, the whole process is over. Product features: 1, the filling speed, avoid foam spillover. 2, residual liquid back to the suction, dripping pollution prevention. 3, weighing metering, intuitive and clear. 4, easy calibration, convenient operation simple. 5, patterns are optional, colors, gross weight net weight. 6, high accuracy and the error is 0 or less. 15%. Technical parameters ( 1) Filling medium: tetrahydrofuran ( 填充媒体:四氢呋喃) Packing bucket volume: 200 l barrels ( 2) Material viscosity: 0. 4 CP material density: 888 kg/m ( 3) Operating pressure: 0 or higher. 4Mpa  ( 4) Connecting line specifications: DN50mm ( 5) Filling accuracy: + 0. 15% ( 6) Production capacity per hour: ( Reference) 50 barrels/hour ( 7) Feeding way: booster pump, or high 鑵 drop feeding ( 8) Electricity source, single-phase three-wire system AC220/380 v, 50 hz. 500 w ( 9) Filling way: under liquid surface filling ( 10) Explosion-proof grade: d Ⅱ BT4 ( 11) The drum size: to be determined, 12) The filler location: outdoor ( With the canopy) ( 13) Nitrogen connection piping specifications: DN25 mm ( 14) Nitrogen; Gas supply pressure: 0. 5 mpajinzong Machinery, the main business products include liquid packaging automatic packaging equipment, automatic filling equipment specializing in the production of seller. Products through the ISO9001:2000 quality system certification, is sinopec, petrochina and other qualified suppliers. Jinzong Machinery LTD. Is a high-tech enterprise, at home. 'Benign, high consistency, high stability, high yields and excellent compatibility' is Jinzong Machinery manufacturing guidelines, the company passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, the company's products are gradually through the 'CE'. Jinzong Machinery, welcome the masses of customers came to negotiate. Products are mainly applied materials: car paint, varnish, thinner, curing agent, pigment, paint, furniture paint, primer, exterior paint, industrial paint, all-purpose adhesive, glue, shoe glue, white latex, marble glue, resin, printing ink, pesticide, lube oil, atomic ash, ink, oil, etc. 。 。 Product scope of application: chemical industry, paint, paint, adhesives, resins, chemical solvent, curing agent, lubricant, atomic ash, ceramic ink, battery materials, all kinds of ink, inkjet ink, daily chemical products and new materials
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