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The application and maintenance of water filling production line

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-02-11
Use and maintenance of water filling production line: 1, the cooling method: close the steam valve and discharge of the rest of the steam condensate, then open the tank bottom valve of refrigerants, let the refrigerant through the water jacket, reduce the temperature of the material in the cylinder. 2. Insulation: according to the requirements of the temperature, start the blender and high-speed valve to keep temperature ( Pay attention to the thermometer) , reach the purpose of insulation. 3. Cleaning: treatment has been completed, will discharge the rest of the condensed water in the cylinder jacket, with warm water cleaning gunk as soon as possible, and then use 4 c - 5 c alkaline water cleaning the inner wall of the container, and then rinse with water, the next time you use, the use of hot water or steam, 9℃) Or higher temperature, to keep its sterilization 2 - 3 minutes. 4. Maintenance: paying attention to the whole filling juice production line and the performance of the speed reducer, when reducer lubricating oil is insufficient, should immediately added. Oil should change once every six months, equipment when not in use, be sure to rinse with warm water jacket, avoid brine corrosion, but also often wash the cylinder block, keep clean, lined with bright appearance. Jin Zong is one specialized is engaged in food, cosmetics, daily chemical product, beverage machine and filling machine for the production equipment manufacturers, the main products are: liquid, water, paste filling machine, and liquor liquid filling machine, filling machine production line, the quality is reliable, cost-effective, welcome to inquire.
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