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Liquid filling filler

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-03-22
Liquid filling filler advantages: 1. The filling machine adopts imported instruments and sensors. 2. Set any desired loading weight in the scope of design. 3. Have fast and slow double speed control function, filling speed is very fast, to prevent the lubricating oil splash, etc. 4. With vacuum back to the system function, prevent the lube base oil leak, cost savings for the enterprise. With the function of filling quantity of digital display, it can complete all kinds of filling volume set. 6. It has manual and automatic control system of Micro switch control) Function. 7. A 8 prevent wrong operation and power-off protection function. Control mode: filling way manual setting, controlled by the micro switch. 9. Charging methods: filling in lubricant oil level ( Top filling) 。 1. Roller transportation mode: no power conveyor belt. The liquid filling machine technology advantage and principle of characteristics. The liquid filling machine adopts imported instruments and sensors, filling volume can be adjusted, and has the function of fast and slow two kinds of speed control, prevent the lubricating oil splash problem such as lubricating oil, the oil in the process of filling, filling in a reliable way to ensure the precision and quality, suitable for all kinds of lubricating oil filling, such as industrial base oil, compressor oil, motor oil, etc.
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