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Laundry detergent filling machine

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-02-07
Because the filler is a lot of more phyletic, such as straight-line laundry detergent filling machine and laundry detergent filling equipment and so on a screw cap body, can undertake choosing according to production enterprise production, as well as large-scale production line equipment and so on, USES the piston pneumatic filling, can filling viscous liquid does not appear illiquid jams, controlled by the intelligent touch template, photoelectric sensor, pneumatic operation in the integration of high-tech filling equipment. Laundry detergent filling machine features 1, the liquid filler has a beautiful appearance, high filling precision, convenient adjustment, easy operation, etc. 2, each filling head a card bottle device, determined the note counterpoint, accurate measurement precision no bubble, no drip, 3, touch color screen operation, it can display the operation procedure and the way of filling. 4, intuitive, simple operation, directly set filling volume and filling speed, precise, quantitative 5, suitable for different size bottle filling, switch in a few minutes filling specifications, the replacement of filling specifications do not need to add the spare parts, need to be adjusted as 6, the user can choose according to their own production capacity filling quantity, determine the configuration of filling quotas, each filling head a card bottle device, determined the note registration accuracy.
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