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Large infusion filling machine

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-03-16
Alcohol is widely used in medicine liquid, disinfectants, medical, nursing liquid, wash the eye drops, nutrient solution products such as automatic filling, high efficiency, automatic filling machine multi-head automatic liquid filling, the device set light, electricity, gas, and by the combination of PLC man-machine interface ( Touch screen) Control, from enter bottles, orientation, filling, remove the bottle, such as operation will be done automatically. Infusion liquid filling machine adopts dc filling, and material contact part is made of high quality stainless steel and food grade materials, under the food hygienic requirements. , a high degree of automation, stable performance, production speed, filling accuracy, simple operation, easy to adjust, strong adaptability, large infusion filling machine can be linked into filling machine production line. Advantage in large infusion filling machine: 1, using high quality pneumatic components, low failure rate, quality, stability and durability is low; 2, large infusion filling machine by PLC ( PLC) And intelligent touch screen ( Human machine interface) Control, the design of digital to make adjust the filling quantity and modify various parameters such as operation becomes very simple, fast and intuitive. 3, large infusion filling machine body and frame is made of high quality stainless steel, filling the cylinder head and food-grade plastic pipe connection, meet the requirements of food hygiene, concise and easy as a whole. 4, automatic filling machine, convenient cleaning volume adjustment is convenient, don't need to change parts can be applied to different specifications of the bottle, convenient adjustment, strong adaptability. 5, large infusion bottle filling machines for filling, in and out of the bottle automatically, automatic positioning filling, liquid level automatic control, etc. 6, filling nozzle is equipped with a drip tight device, filling does not drip, bottles of materials and equipment cleaning and hygiene.
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