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How to solve the problem of filling machine drip?

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-03-15
2, check the syringe component is clean. If it is not clean, will cause the clogging in between the inner and outer pipe is not clean. Syringe to disassembly, cleaning and disinfection and maintenance. 3, check the filling nozzle hole is complete. If the filling nozzle hole is broken, and filling machine will drop in the process of operation. If the filling nozzle hole is broken, and the need to replace filling nozzle aperture, and check the usage of other filling nozzle hole. If they are aging or corrosion, please change as soon as possible. 4, check o-ring corrosion or wear and tear. If the o-ring is corrosion or wear and tear, dripping phenomenon also causes filling machine form, if this is the case, suggest change the o-ring. 5, check the cylinder position, to determine whether the cylinder in the center of the cylinder bracket, check whether the cylinder piston and piston rod is strong, if loose, please lock. If the location of the cylinder problem has changed, you may need to reinstall the cylinder to make sure the right place. Problem of water filling machine not too big, but small is not small, if you don't solve the problem of filling machine word drip, may affect our follow-up work efficiency and quality, therefore, we must attach importance to the dripping issue of filler words, if there is a problem, we will repair in time, the future will increase the service life of filling machine, improve the quality of the product and quality.
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