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How the paste by filling liquid JiGuan outfit?

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-01-03
Is using filling and sealing machine automatically feed tube, automatic filling, automatic sealing, automatic code such as operation, high speed filling for multiple station, food, cosmetics, daily chemical products, chemical and other industries widely used. Filling and sealing machine with pneumatic cylinders tee piston and rotary valve take out from the high concentration of material filling, easy to use: put toothpaste material into the hopper, then set the filling, sealing temperature, running speed, amount of button start, filling toothpaste after filling and sealing machine automatic sealing. Mouth filling and sealing machine filling a drip-proof device, can avoid the process of filling out dripping phenomenon, in the actual production, filling and sealing machine is not exist alone, but with other series of packaging equipment of filling production line to work together, sealed by compress packing machine packing, toothpaste to print on the code, date and model information label labeling machine, then the product packaging automatic packing business will become a commodity. Filling and sealing machine can be used in the production of packaging products, toothpaste can also fill other liquid, paste, viscous, sauce and paste material, such as honey, syrup, jam, peanut butter, toothpaste, mustard, sesame paste, tomato sauce, chili sauce, cleansing milk and other liquid, paste material. Filling and sealing machine packaging materials can use plastic pipe, aluminum pipe, metal pipe, and so on the hose and sealing operations, there are semi-automatic and fully automatic filling and sealing machine, also can contact Jin Zong filling machine manufacturing factory professional customized filling machine equipment.
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