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Hot filling system basic design principle of the filler composition

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-04-23
In packaging machine, filling machine is a kind of common, in order to meet the demand of the market and the development of strict requirements, various types of filling machine, filling machine is one of them, why is called quantitative filling machine, because it is filling with high efficiency, filling quantity is accurate, is in the use of all filling equipment, for the filling, filling one of the better quality, quantitative filling machine filling machine system what are the characteristics? Automatic filling equipment manufacturer of the overall design of quantitative filling machine, pneumatic components is a key part of the quantitative filling machine, the key is the use of stable performance and the requirement of quantitative filler filling mouth there is no need to drip, the phenomenon of wire drawing, sealant adopt silicon rubber, in addition to the ability of resisting corrosion, if also need food grade, especially used in the food filling type of products, according to the requirement of the use of change. Automatic filling equipment manufacturers. For quantitative filling machine can choose manual and automatic foot switch control, automatic filling machine and according to their own manufacturers use requirements for quantitative filling machine, is targeted for quantitative filling machine is designed, in order to satisfy the demands of different product features. The composition of hot filling. PET bottle filling machine is hot filling one of the main equipment in production line, is composed of bottle, filling and twist cover unit into the trinity, at the same time also is equipped with material return tank and circulation system, the equipment compact structure, small volume, cover an area of an area small, blunt bottle connected to the filling part without conveyor belt, the star wheel transmission, the machine is fully automatic control, simple and convenient operation, easy to filling between the equipment arrangement and the health conditions of control and production management. The principle of hot filling. PET bottle of hot filling material with plain water or gas beverage material composition differences, filling mode and filling process is also different, therefore, the structure of hot filling machine with the ordinary filling machine filling in cylinder, filling valve and the structure of the management system and so on. 1, because of the hot filling material ingredients such as fruit juice, tea, coffee, milk and functional components of health drink each are not identical, some high sugar content, some even contain pectin, theophylline, some medium viscosity, some blister easily when filling filling equipment. In order to ensure that drinks have longer shelf life and stable quality, therefore requires high temperature filling, usually at about 88 ℃ temperature. At the same time also require filling cylinder internal structure is smooth, easy to clean, no CIP cleaning dead Angle, parts and materials in contact with the material of 0 cr19ni9 stainless steel, the internal and external surface is smooth, roughness Ra 0 or less. 8. 2, the hot filling machine adopts gravity filling, negative pressure backflow way of filling. Material after UHT UHT, through the pump to the filler on the cylinder head is constant and for filling the PET bottle, fall under the line of upper filling valve and the filling valve into a PET bottle, within the workbench equipped with suction fan at the same time, its suction is connected to a buffer tank, filling the exhauster start, through the buffer tank, the cylinder and return line of the filling valve will air in the PET bottle quickly absorb and formed certain negative pressure, speed up the filling speed, and high level in the bottle to bottle bubble suck and quickly fill into materials to form high level or the bottle PET bottle filling. 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