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Brief description of shear emulsifying machine operation

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-01-10
Shearing emulsification unit points is given priority to pan, oil, water, electrical control system, hydraulic system and frame, etc. Liquid powder beating high shear emulsifying machine main pan by homogeneous mixing pot, homogeneous organization, bidirectional mixing, etc. Liquid powder beating high shear emulsifying machine work principle: the material in the first place in a liquid powder beating high shear emulsifying machine preheating, mixing, repass transporting pipe can be in direct shear condition suction liquid powder beating high shear emulsifying machine. Powder material in liquid beating high shear emulsifying machine after the pot on the mixing of ptfe scraper, unceasingly the new interface, through the box type mixer and its reverse mixing leaf tightening of shearing, folding, make its mixing, mixing and downflow to vacuum emulsifying the body at the bottom of the homogenizer, after what was going on between the high-speed rotation of the rotor and stator powerful impact shear, turbulence and other process materials in the shear joint cutting, and quickly broken into 200 nm ~ 2 & mu; M particles. Material particles, the emulsion mixture, mix well dispersed can end in a short time. Because the liquid powder beating high shear emulsifying machine is in high shear condition, material in the process of mixing the bubble was siphoned off in time. Homogeneous rise since the end of the pot and dumping button switch can make the material of the powder beating high shear emulsifying machine to pot outside the container. Liquid powder beating high shear emulsifying machine oil and water heating temperature by temperature control meter display Settings on control panel; Homogeneous mixing and mixing blade can be separated using; Can also be used together; Length of homogeneous mixing time on the basis of the material properties of the different in the hands of users, can be adjusted through the control panel. End of homework can turn cleaning fluid powder spray ball valve beating high shear emulsifying machine. Liquid powder beating high shear emulsifying machine procedure/method 1, connected to the power supply, power supply, and pay attention to the ground and reliable grounding, turn the power switch, the power indicator. Right through to homogeneous boiler pipe. 2, homework before must see if pan and pot appressed, pot mouth, whether material flap cover tightly, reliable sealing. Close the lid on the valve interface, and then opened the liquid powder, beating the high shear emulsifying machine vacuum valve, then open shearing pump, meet the requirements after closed shear pump, close the vacuum valve. 3, homogeneous cutting, mixing, scraper loading respectively open again after the corresponding control on 4, off the homogenizer has control of the job and scraper mixing. Mixing before also should point to move, to check the mixing wall whether there are abnormal, should be immediately ruled out. 5, beating the high shear emulsifying liquid powder confidential letter below the condition to start work. If you have special need to open links, air pump, work cannot be over 3 minutes. 6, liquid powder beating ban no homework liquid high shear emulsifying machine. Pump run time blocking the vent is prohibited. 7, regularly check the parts and bearings of the lubricating oil and grease, timely replacement clean lubricating oil and grease. 8, keep beating liquid powder high shear emulsifying machine clean.
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