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Bottled water filling machine fault. What should I do

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-02-13
Bottled water filling machine is used for ChunShuiChang or mineral water factory fully automatic filling equipment, filling 3 gallons and 5 gallon bucket. The equipment is simple to operate, only 1 - Two workers to operate. It is a collection of disinfection and cleaning. Cover and block and distribution integration, USES the three-phase ac 380 v power supply, are widely used in the town, industrial and mining enterprises and individual units. The equipment adopts the microcomputer control system and pneumatic control system, reliable performance, easy operation, simple maintenance. Bottle washing, filling and capping of the entire process under the closed state, in order to effectively prevent the pure water or mineral water filling. To achieve real aseptic filling, in the process of the possibility of secondary pollution is one of the ideal of pure water. First of all, let's talk about water filling machine filling amount is not correct or not the reason of emptying, filling equipment is commonly used in the speed of the throttle valve and the filling interval throttle valve is closed, the throttle valve cannot be closed. At the same time check whether there is a foreign body in the quick installation tee valve. If so, please clean it. Fast installation tee valve and the filling machine head skin whether there is air in the pipe. If there is air, please try to reduce or eliminate the air. If open the delay, you may need to adjust the thin cylinder throttle. Can adjust fast installation tee valve compression helical spring up and down in the spring, to adjust the elasticity of the spring. If the tension is too large, the check valve will open.
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