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Beverage filling equipment maintenance and maintenance

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-11-28
Beverage filling equipment trial duration depends on how to use and proper maintenance and maintenance after using it. Beverage machinery is commonly used in the process of production of packaging machinery, is expensive. If it often fails, it will certainly produce. Enterprise losses, so drink machinery maintenance is particularly important. Drink machines need in vacuum packing some perishable, otherwise the damage of the products is immeasurable. Beverage machinery maintenance is very important in the season. If you cannot access the storage method is not correct and the machine, will greatly affect the enterprise production. Just buy drink machines, should check the whole machine. Especially in the running-in period, tighten and lubrication of the machine easy to leak, so you must timely inspection and maintenance. Tighten the beverage filling equipment parts, and adjust the size of the machine according to the size of the packaging; Parts of the joint should be lubricated regularly. Importantly, when the season changes, the company must be thoroughly clean the machine, and support facilities must be sealed storage, and the whole machine must be keep in a dry environment, to ensure that no filling beverage filling equipment. By liquid corrosion. Before operating drink machines, must read this manual carefully, familiar with adjustment and usage, and make sure to follow the instructions. According to the regulation of beverage machine manual, to maintain the vacuum pump shall periodically, refueling, and strictly prohibit astern, in order to avoid misoperation caused by pump and the backing, and oil injection pump in the vacuum system. Always check the seal on the polishing cloth of the hot press framework for foreign bodies, and whether the flat to ensure the sealing strength. Always check the machine grounding contact is good, in order to ensure the safe. When you find malfunction with the drink machines, immediately shut off the power, connect the scram button when necessary, after deflated should raise machine cover, then close voltage, check the reason, and eliminate the fault. Beverage filling equipment sterilization with hydrogen peroxide, ethylene oxide, sodium chlorate and other fungicides to food sterilization. Physical sterilization. Heat physical sterilization, sterilization, cold sterilization. Heat sterilization, dry heat sterilization, microwave sterilization, the far-infrared thermal sterilization, cold sterilization, ultraviolet radiation sterilization, ionizing radiation sterilization, sterilization, frozen wet and heat pasteurization, high temperature short time sterilization, super high temperature instantaneous sterilization. Using the electromagnetic wave physical disinfection equipment. The use of microwave sterilization equipment, the equipment compact structure, the control system of operation and simple maintenance. The rational use of clean technology, spray bottle cleaning principle, and from the internal and external cleaning of the filter bottles. Bottle replacement need to replace the guide wheel and the plate, realize the simple operation, CP - 32 semi-automatic washing machine washing machine is suitable for cleaning all kinds of bottle materials of new and old bottles. The main characteristic of this machine is that the walls of the watering can ensure continuous flushing effect. Other parts made from stainless steel or copper alloy wear-resisting mainly, in order to prevent the corrosion. Suitable for work. The hydraulic press reasonable structure, simple operation. It will be widely used in wine, drinks, soy sauce, vinegar and a liquid. Waiting for manufacturers. CIP cleaning in situ or in situ cleaning definition: use remove or removal equipment, the high temperature, high concentrations of cleaning fluid equipment, in order to enhance the role of clean surface contact with the food.
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