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Tomato paste filling machine

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-01-14
Production of tomato paste in China, with its high quality, affordable price sell well in Asia, Europe, Africa, the americas, Oceania and other regions, therefore, very considerable scale of production and processing of tomato sauce in our country, in order to meet the production needs of this field, our company introduced a ketchup filling machine and automatic filling machine, specializing in the production configuration services for tomato paste filling machine production line. Ketchup, automatic filling production line equipment: can configure according to the demand of automatic filling machine, automatic labeling machine, automatic screw cap machine, automatic unscramble bottle machine, automatic box machine, automatic stuffing machine, automatic equipment, such as pallet joint production, free to configure a variety of highly efficient production equipment, reduce labor costs. Tomato paste filling machine integrating light, machine, electricity and gas. On the principle of piston quantitative, filling of high precision, simple operation, convenient maintenance, equipment main material: is made of stainless steel (SUS34, conform to the hygienic requirements. Filling process use transparent acrylic board, isolation with the outside world, filling the sanitary requirements. Ketchup and using pressure filler filling, without having to install high tank, simplifies the installation process, improve the efficiency of the filling, can be widely used in food, soy sauce, the automatic packing production of cosmetics industry. Tomato paste filling filling machine can be a variety of products such as chilli sauce, mayonnaise, and so on food, the cosmetics products paste filling, can contact Jin Zong filler manufacturer professional custom the equipment, to provide product information for you recommend, provide the production plan.
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