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The seam an agent filling machine

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-01-04
The seam an agent, soft filling machine is a based on liquid paste filling technology of customized products, its simple and reasonable structure, high precision, simple operation, humanized design, more in line with the filling of sealant and use. Beautiful seam an agent filling machine reasonable structure, compact size, reliable performance, the number of accurate, easy to operate, the power part adopts pneumatic structure, the machine is driven by cylinder piston component extraction and introduced to the material, the check valve used to control the flow of material, at the same time, driven by magnetic sensitive switch control cylinder stroke, filling amount of adjustment and control. Beautiful seam an agent cylinder filling machine and pneumatic components, pneumatic accurate and durable, material contact parts made of stainless steel (34), conform to the requirements of the GMP certification, filling volume and filling speed can be based on user needs within the scope of adjustment of the machine, the seam an agent filling machine filling and customized development, targeted mature filling is achieved, and widely used. Beautiful seam an agent filling machine is widely used in cosmetic product, cosmetic, chemical and other industries of liquid, paste products filling, can customize the equipment according to the production demand configuration, need to know about filling machine product information consult Jin Zong customer service personnel, can come to factory, welcome consultation.
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