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The high-speed mixing machine how to operate

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-11-14
High speed mixing machine must be equipped with specialist is responsible for the boot operation, and in strict accordance with the operation procedures. ( A) Run before the check item 1, the detailed inspection equipment connecting parts, must tighten loose. 2, each operation is flexible, agitator whether the installation is firm, spindle rotation is lightsome. 3, v-belt should be uniform tension, motor base plate bolts are tight no loose phenomenon. 4, mixed container and discharge cavity in the body should be clean, no dirt. 5, check the motor rotation direction with the flag indicates direction are consistent. ( 2) Equipment matters needing attention during operation, motor operation 1 should be smooth, no abnormal sound, often check whether the temperature rise is normal. 2, spindle bearing, v-belt pulley, such as rotating parts work is normal, if there is any abnormal noise or vibration, immediately stop for inspection, there are damage parts, repair should be replaced immediately. 3, when the replacement of materials, when the machine color mixing vessel and discharging part must be clean. 4, feeding equipment shall not exceed the highest load coefficient. Equipment operation, such as adding plasticizer should slowly join, shall not be poured plasticizer suddenly into the body, cause local material agglomerate, the load suddenly increases, damage to equipment.
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