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The function of the liquid filling machine and filling process

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-02-01
Automatic liquid filling machine is used for filling all kinds of bottled water solution, such as wine and drinks. Automatic filling machine has a constant pressure storage tank (above Feeding box) , there are two liquid level sensor, separated by MCU, control rotary steam valve control level, stabilizing the liquid level, 2 - container connection 16 filling head ( According to the demand configuration choice) 。 Filling head is controlled by pneumatic valve, added amount can be controlled by pneumatic valve open time to control, precision guarantee by the selected components and software. Conveyor belt motor controlled by frequency converter, bottle in setting fiber optic sensors into the bottle, when 2 - detected 16, the conveyor belt motor stops, the empty bottle out a bottle of cylinder block, cylinder into the bottle also stretched out, and no longer into the bottle. At this point, the filling head down to bottle, filling time is controlled by PLC touch screen input on the head of the pneumatic valve open time for filling, after filling, the filling head rose, a bottle of cylinder retracted, conveyor belt motor start work again, into the bottle cylinder delay back after 2 seconds, fiber optic sensors into the bottle, circulating the process. Automatic liquid filling machine has a set of strict process, how to into the bottle out of the bottle, when filling, filling material, into the bottle when the speed of conveyor belt, the speed of conveyor belt at the time of the bottle, acceleration time, deceleration time, the system not only has high precision time and level control, but also has control of motor speed, oil cylinder in and out, lifting, and other functions, in addition, according to the technological requirements, in addition to the automatic outside, also can realize manual operation.
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