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The filler manufacturer which good?

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-01-22
1. Quantitative filling the piston, high degree of strength, to adapt to the material widely. 2. Automatic filling machine in the process of filling liquid flows down the bottle wall, effective control of the liquid in the process of filling the impacts of bubbles, prevent the liquid overflow. 3. Automatic filling machine adopts frequency control of motor speed, filling speed, equipped with overload protection device to stop the bottle, start the soft start, elastic hold bottle device, is used to reduce damage of bottle. 4. Filling quantity adjustment adopts electric synchronization stepless adjustment. According to increase or decrease in adjustment button filling amount, touch screen display real-time accurate filling volume, and is equipped with manual fine tuning system, increase the filling quantity. 5. And large range, automatic filling machine filling volume can be adjusted according to the requirements or custom. 6. Seal of imported silica gel, subject parts adopt 34 stainless steel food hygiene standard. 7. Automatic filling machine adopts linear filling, filling head into the bottle filling, no bubble, configure multiple filling quotas can be based on demand. 8. Automatic filling machine equipment according to demand allocation functions linkage into automatic filling machine production line equipment, realizing unmanned production.
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