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The development of the spiral plate heat exchanger in the process of industrial production

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-10-13
Spiral plate heat exchanger is simple with different temperature between two or more fluid heat transfer equipment. In the process of industrial production, carrying on the various heat exchange process, its main function is to make the heat from the fluid of high temperature to low temperature of the fluid, the fluid temperature can reach the indexes of the process, in order to meet the needs of the production process. In addition, the heat exchange equipment and recovery of waste heat, waste heat, especially the low grade heat energy effective device. Fixed tube plate heat exchanger is the most simple structure in the spiral plate heat exchanger, so use is common, fixed tube plate heat exchanger is mainly composed of cylindrical shell, heat exchange tube and tube plate, head, and import and export. Tube bundle can be used welding method or expanded joint method is fixed, need to welding the flange on the shell, convenient disassembly when cleaning or inspection. On the end cover and shell have hot and cold import and export, hot and cold two kinds of fluid flow in the tube, respectively. The spiral plate heat exchanger according to beam placed can be divided into vertical and horizontal, vertical structure is the bundle of vertical ground, horizontal is just the opposite. The spiral plate heat exchanger is a kind of heat transfer between the material and energy saving equipment, is in the oil industry, chemical industry, petroleum chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, light industry, food industry such as a kind of widely used process equipment. Heat exchanger in the oil refining, chemical industry equipment accounts for some 45% of the total number of equipment, accounting for 30% of the total investment - 45%. With the development of energy-saving technology, the application field expands unceasingly, the use of heat exchanger in high temperature and low temperature heat recovery has brought remarkable economic benefits. Welding method is used for the spiral plate heat exchanger and shell fixed connection, this kind of heat exchanger structure is simple; Within the diameter of the same shell, exhaust pipe, most compact; In a baffle plate in the shell side flow, next to the minimum, monitor can be divided into arbitrary number. Because the two tube plate is in heat pipe support each other, with thin tube plate, low cost, and can wash every tube inside. But the shell side cleaning is more difficult, cannot undertake mechanical cleaning, so is suitable for the fouling and cleaning fluid. When the temperature difference between the tube bundle and shell too big to produce different thermal expansion, often need to setting expansion joint on the shell. This kind of heat exchanger is more suitable for little difference in temperature or temperature difference is bigger but the shell side of the shell side pressure is not high and scaling can not serious or use the occasion of chemical cleaning. Due to this kind of heat exchanger concentrated in several advantages of tube and shell heat exchanger, manufacturing difficulty is not great, with a range of materials, easy to clean, strong adaptability, large quantity, and adapt to the high temperature and high pressure, the most widely application scope.
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